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ResiWeek 258: Longer Runways

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Friggin’ Huge

It’s our first regular week back, but this episode is anything but regular! We have a jam packed feature with some big stories coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us today is new CEO for Access Networks Bryce Nordstrand, Principal for Fregosa Design Rich Fregosa and Advisist himself Bradford Benn.

We start with the announcement of Access Network’s new CEO Bryce Nordstrand, and sit down with him to discuss the changes for the company in this transition. Where are things going moving forward? What’s happening to Hagai?

Now it may be 2021, but since diseases have no concept of time the pandemic continues along. In the meantime, what can we do find qualified AV personnel for a job? There’s a good chance there is a huge pool of people looking for work in times like these. How can we make the most of their talents?

With CES 2021 (even digitally) coming up, we’re getting snippets of what to expect. LG is going to demo their first QNED mini LED display solution during the show. It is the first in their line to combine the quantum dot and NanoCell technology into one product. But past all the fancy terms, what does it provide? And in this virtual space, can we really even grasp the jumps being made here?

Finally, and as short as this trio of gabbers can make it, we look at the smart home kitchen. Microwaves have not really progressed that much since the 90s. And while a refrigerator that you can write on is very fancy, it’s still not quite the future we were promised by Tex Avery in the late forties. What does the truly smart kitchen look like?  

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