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ResiWeek 338: It’s Visceral

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Our House

Whether you are underwater in the midwest or scorching like the rest of the world, the news doesn’t stop. And we’re here to look at the residential side of the AV industry with some experts. Joining us this week is Chief Strategist for KMB Communications Katye Mcgregor-Bennett and Managing Partner at bluesalve partners Avi Rosenthal.

According to a survey from Podium, more than 72% of owners asked feel burned out from the pandemic. The technology platform found the impact of the pandemic on the lives of small business owners and discussed the reasoning from inventory shortages to lack of separation from work and home life. It makes sense, considering the thin line that crossed over in the midst of remote working. Outside of the global virus, there really wasn’t any clear break between the working hours and time to rest. As we’re moving back to some shred of normalcy, how will we build those fences up again? Discussing the importance of self-care and providing for yourself before you can help your clients.

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Even in an episode that he’s not present, Henry Clifford knows how to make waves in the residential space. We look at his most recent article, “Leveraging the EDGE Method” about a specific teaching method by boy scouts and how it could be implemented within a company. The term itself is an acronym, for Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable, and he braeks down the steps of each facet within the writing. How our industry can use this to invite more people into the AV space.

To add another frequent guest, Steven Brawner is in the news. And it’s not for what you might expect! Technology Designer writes about “The Smartest Demo Home”, where Brawner has taken a home in North Carolina and used it to showcase the technology that can be offered in the home space. This house built in 1956 has been upgraded with lights, security, and all manners of control to show what the residential industry is really capable of. How do we get more stories like this to get our industry out there? Could we expect more demonstration spaces like this rather than the standard demo room?

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