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Augmented Reality

XR Star 34: Generation Roblox

Discussing the advent of technology and understanding for the next generation and what that means for companies as we move forward.

Seeing AV Through an AR Lens

What do you see through AR in AV? The idea of augmented reality (AR) glasses has been around for years, but so far, they haven’t been designed in a way that makes them usable for consistent use, especially on the...

ResiWeek 375: AR Ready

A look at ISC West, normalizing employee turnover, how AV is the best 'non-degree' job, and if we are ready for AR glasses.

XR Star 27: Immersive Journalism With The Godmother of VR

Talking to Nonny de la Peña about immersive VR experiences, and what it takes to tell compelling stories through extended reality.

Daily Download Wednesday March 1, 2023

Augmented reality can, quite literally, change the way we see the world. How can it help us to learn by example?

XR Star 26: Making Movie Magic With Virtual Production

Discussing virtual production sets and bringing a show to life through extended reality solutions at Integrated Systems Europe 2023.

Daily Download Wednesday January 25, 2023

Discussing the fitness space and how extended reality solutions can even give elderly patients access to exercise.

Daily Download Monday January 16, 2023

How virtual reality and gamification can be used in the fitness space to bring out more effort for exercising.

XR Star 25: Reality Under A Different Lens

Looking at the augmented reality space and what companies like Vuzix are doing for workers to give them the tools and information through AR.

Daily Download Wednesday December 28, 2022

Looking at some of the hurdles that have to be overcome when it comes to successfully telling a story through the lens of virtual reality.
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How Dante AV Networked Video Elevates the Visual Experience for Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church utilizes Yamaha Dante technology for efficient audio and video distribution, enhancing their worship experience and scalability.
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