Saturday, April 20, 2024
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AVWeek 645: AV In 2023

We have a discussion about the biggest stories of AV for 2023, and then look to future for what might have the most impact in 2024.

AVWeek 640: Thankful For AV

Because it's Thanksgiving, we are talking to our friends within the industry to find out what they are thankful for.

AVWeek 638: ESG in AV

The current supply chain status in AV, the environmental impact of AV equipment, and initiatives for diversity within our industry.

Daily Download Friday September 29, 2023

Zoom of all companies is looking to bring their workers back into the office. When do we need to have meetings or personnel in person?

Daily Download Thursday September 28, 2023

How do we bring more diversity into the AV industry? The answer may be a lot more simpler than you expect.

Daily Download Wednesday September 27, 2023

Samsung opens their online store for B2B customers. What does it means for AV when a manufacturer cuts out the middleman?

Daily Download Tuesday September 26, 2023

Hype can be a fuel for getting projects off the ground, but it can just as easily backfire on a community. What's the danger of hype in the XR space?

Daily Download Monday September 25 , 2023

How do integrators ensure that their project is still running smoothly? How to get a fresh set of eyes into your projects and works.

The Women in AV Episode 7: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Looking back at the AV industry to see how things have changed and evolved throughout the years, and what that means for the future.

Daily Download Friday September 22, 2023

Getting a potential look at the AV industry to grow and diversify through inclusion.
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Latest News

How Dante AV Networked Video Elevates the Visual Experience for Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church utilizes Yamaha Dante technology for efficient audio and video distribution, enhancing their worship experience and scalability.
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