Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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CP Communications

CP Communications Stays Flexible for CrossFit Games

The company supports HRP Live during five-day competition with RF, bonded cellular and more across multiple venues

CP Communications Open for Business in Los Angeles

CP Communications has opened a new office in Los Angeles, bringing the company back to LA after a 10-year hiatus

CP Communications and Red House Streaming Transform Florida Headquarters into Native IP Production Center

Introducing Red House Streaming Production Center, offering traditional truck-based control room and IP studio production workflows

CP Communications Moves into OTT Delivery with StreamViral Partnership

CP Communications continues to advance its Red House Streaming subsidiary with new OTT platforms that further differentiate the company’s portfolio of production and delivery services

CP Communications and Red House Streaming Studios Boosts Production Value for The Laugh Academy

CP Communications and Red House Streaming Studios boosts production value for The Laugh Academy.

CP Communications adds CamSTREAM SRT to Growing Red House Streaming Product Family

CP Communications adds CamSTREAM SRT to growing Red House Streaming product family.

CP Communications Support HOKA Product Launch with Live Racing Event Production

CP Communications support HOKA product launch with Live Racing Event production.
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Latest News

Tateside Trusts in Taurus UCX to Power Smart Meeting Spaces at Landmark Offices

Tateside and Halkin have partnered to improve meeting room experiences at their King William Street offices. They deployed Lightware's Taurus UCX switchers, enabling seamless connectivity, 4K video, audio, and room automation. The integration also included a Shure audio solution.
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