Friday, April 19, 2024
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Kordz Brings its Popular Termination Challenge to CEDIA Tech + Business Summits

Kordz has introduced the Termination Challenge to allow systems techs to experience first-hand the installation and performance benefits of next-generation connectivity solutions.

ResiWeek 409: Descoping

The lessons learned from last year's supply chain crisis, and understanding the value of HDMI cables with Kordz.

Kordz Demystifies HDMI Cable Versions in Newly Released Article

HDMI, introduced in the early 2000s, is a crucial technology in modern AV device connections. Kordz's guide, 'Demystifying HDMI: Understanding the Numbers', provides a comprehensive understanding of each version, enabling integrators to make informed decisions.

CEDIA Expo Booth #2109 with Future Ready Solutions

Kordz's SlimCat Network Cable Systems, designed by networking experts, offer professional-grade network cabling solutions for performance and faster installation, featuring flexible, certified, and robust Cat6/Cat6a cables.

Kordz Demystifies Network Cable Standards

Kordz’ ‘Category Cables Demystified: From Cat5e to Cat8’ article helps integrators build a better understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of evolving networking cable standards.

Kordz Demystifies AV over IP Technology in Newly Released Article

Kordz's article 'AV over IP Demystified' provides a comprehensive understanding of AV over IP technology, comparing it to traditional practices and guiding readers through design and deployment.

New Kordz SlimCat™, a Complete One-of-a-Kind Network Cable System that Delivers All the Power of Category 6 in Half the Size

Backed by 20 years of global manufacturing experience and deep knowledge of the systems integration industry, multi-award-winning professional-grade cabling manufacturer Kordz understands what systems integrators need to design and install robust, reliable networks quickly and efficiently.

Kordz Celebrates 20 Years of Manufacturing Premium Cabling Exclusively for the Systems Integration Market

Backed by 20 years of global manufacturing experience and deep knowledge of the systems integration industry, multi-award-winning professional-grade cabling from Kordz is expertly designed, engineered and manufactured to help AV integrators push the boundaries of digital AV performance in a wide range of both residential and commercial applications.

Kordz Drives Innovation, Supports the Systems Integration Industry for 20 Years with High-Performance Cabling Solutions

Networking, once the unsung hero of the systems integration industry, is now one of the hottest categories in the business. It’s no wonder, given the proliferation and reliance on connected devices in homes and businesses. Those networking solutions of yesteryear, however, are no match for the bandwidth demands of today’s sophisticated systems. Launched at the birth of interoperability, connectivity, and AV distribution, Kordz has followed the progression of connected technologies closely for 20 years, continually evolving its own cabling components to stay ahead of the curve.

The Road To Integrated Systems Europe 2023 With Kordz

Talking to Kordz about predictable reliability and what they will be showing off at 2F450 as part of Integrated Systems Europe 2023.
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How Dante AV Networked Video Elevates the Visual Experience for Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church utilizes Yamaha Dante technology for efficient audio and video distribution, enhancing their worship experience and scalability.
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