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Women in AV

ResiWeek 411: 2023 Best Of

A look back at the biggest news and stories for the residential side of the AV industry in 2023. AI, modern audio, and much more.

Diversity in AV: Perspectives of a Sole BIPOC Woman on an AV Team

Charting the Journey of Diversity in AV as the Sole BIPOC Woman in an Audiovisual Information Technology Team In the ever-evolving landscape of Audiovisual Information Technology (AVIT), diversity in AV remains a complex and ongoing challenge. This blog offers a...

The Women In AV Episode 3: Lending A Helping Hand

How volunteering can help shape the AV industry, and what you can do to give your time to better the space.

ResiWeek 373: Do More Together

What it means for CEDIA and WICT to partner together for women in the residential space, and the best things from Lightapalooza 2023.

AVNation Special: Re-Engaging With Rosie Riveters

Rosie Riveters is back to encourage young women to look at the AV industry and STEM fields, and how AV can get involved.

The Power of Mentorship in AV

Mentoring and being Mentored in AV Mentorship plays an important part in almost any industry, but it's especially useful and increasingly prevalent for women in audiovisual (AV). More professionals in AV have already signed up for specific mentorship programs in...

The Women In AV Episode 1: Mentorship Roles

Discussing the role of mentorships within the AV industry, and the qualities of being a good mentor for those in the same space.

AVWeek 596: AV Drama

The Women in AV/IT group is established, DTEN has multi-platform products for ISE, and asking if IT and AV are really one and the same.

Daily Download Monday October 10, 2022

What it will take to make the AV industry a more inclusive environment, starting with giving more leadership opportunities for women.

Daily Download Thursday September 29, 2022

The AV industry can be an inclusive and hospitable environment, but it still has some long ways to go to be truly diverse.
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Latest News

How Dante AV Networked Video Elevates the Visual Experience for Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church utilizes Yamaha Dante technology for efficient audio and video distribution, enhancing their worship experience and scalability.
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