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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
YOU ARE AT:NewsSinus 2018 award to Hartman, Mathias, and Partner

Sinus 2018 award to Hartman, Mathias, and Partner

The project CFOspace planned by Hartmann, Mathias and Partner is awarded Sinus 2018

Hartmann, Mathias and Partner team photo
The project CFOspace planned by Hartmann,
Mathias and Partner is awarded Sinus 2018

In the course of the international trade show for event technology Prolight + Sound, the Sinus Integration Award 2018 was awarded in Frankfurt on 12 April 2018. This year, the award winner is „CFOspace“ at the Eschborn site of Ernst & Young GmbH. The engineering office Hartmann, Mathias and Partner was responsible for consulting and planning of this project.
CFOspace represents collaboration space of the future where financial issues meet latest technologies: visualizing and analysis of data structure, effective data engineering or efficient and immersive coaching are some application examples for CFOspace. This digital lab enhances completely digital collaboration of CFOs and their teams. In this room of 65 sqm, showcases are being presented interactively to customers and clients and can be edited collectively. Each showcase begins with an immersive intro produced on the four video screens, the surround sound system and on the LED illuminated ceiling. The illuminated ceiling serves as fifth video screen, supporting the extensive impression of the system. In CFOspace, Skype meetings and video conferences can be held parallely to the presentations. Wireless headsets are available for moderation.
Microphonics for Skype and video conferences is implemented by two beam forming ceiling microphones. Together with the specifically adapted room acoustics these microphones allow speech recordings with excellent speech intelligibility.

Thomas Euring, partner of Hartmann, Mathias and Partner and responsible for the project is happy: „We are very glad that our project has been awarded. CFOspace shows clearly how worldwide collaboration will change in times of digitalization.“

Project manager Carsten Langerwisch adds: „There are few cases in which we concentrated so much innovative media technology in so little space. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the agency for content drafting and the media technology installation company this project was completed on schedule and within the budget.“
Following the planning, CFOspace was being installed from June 2016 to August 2017. The formal opening took place on 28 September 2017.


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