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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Recapping PSNI’s Supersummit Day 1

Coaches Members in Culture, Leadership and A New Approach to Sales

By AV Nation Staff

PSNI Members from around the world gathered in Atlanta, Georgia to press into a Future Focused agenda chock full of world-class speakers, authors and successful executives.

After a kick-off dinner and member meetings on Tuesday, the first full day of sessions was Wednesday, February 20. To focus on the future, it’s important to take stock of our state of affairs in sales, culture and management. The speakers gave practical guidelines, data and examples of how the business culture is shifting. Along with that, our approach to sales and management is in need of an overhaul.

Innovation + Culture is the New Winning Combination

PSNI Tiffani Bova
Tiffani Bova speaking at PSNI’s Supersummit

Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist for Salesforce, presented guidelines to build a positive customer experience resulting in accelerated growth and sales. She coached members to build a customer-centric culture that measures the right KPIs, and to redefine critical internal and external relationships and what those look like.

Bova says to find the WOW moments and build them into the way we do business. We often have processes in place that make it difficult for the customer to do business with us; we have to change that. Begin with a listening tour with your customers and ask “why do you do business with us?” and ask lost customers, “Why did you leave?” Partners, shareholders, alliances, and internal clients should all have a voice in culture. Companies should make sure someone has the fulltime of job of listening to the customer and translating the data.

The Challenger Sale

PSNI Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon talking Challenger Sale at PSNI’s Supersummit 2019

Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer for TETHR talked about the importance of becoming a “challenger” in the sales cycle by engaging in a different approach. Sales people are trained to diagnose customer needs first, then articulate the value prop. Dixon believes there is more value in considering a different approach.

Instead, consider delivering a candid sales discussion akin to consulting. You create value for your customers by offering new insights and KPIs around their workflow that they had not considered. Dixon suggested coming up with a short list of insights per customer group and building a customized client meeting around that; conclude by offering to help them analyze how they measure up.

It’s not the questions we ask (don’t ask what’s keeping you up at night). Tell your client, what SHOULD be keeping him/her up at night – challenge what they thing they know! This is how you get customers to think differently about their own business needs and create value for them as their valued sales consultant. Data shows 53% of customer loyalty is built on the sales experience – not brand, price, service or product. By delivering insights that transform their thinking, you in turn win their loyalty.

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The Engagement Effect: How the Best Managers and Engaging Employees

Engaged employees drive the culture and set the tempo for business. Adrian Gostick, founder of The Culture Works, shared his insights an author, leadership and management coach to guide attendees toward higher employee engagement at every level.

Your leadership message involves some self-reflections – Are you ALL IN? Are your PEOPLE in with you? Employees want to be enabled and energized, and to do so they need to have a bigger purpose. Great leaders remind us of the “why” behind what we are doing, a purpose for the greater good and not for the bottom line.

To build successful and collaborative teams, people should feel safe to speak up and have a voice, respectfully challenge each other without being negative, and suggest innovative ideas without being perceived as disruptive.

Appreciating and recognizing employees is very important to team success, so Gostick coaches to:

  • Do it NOW
  • Do it OFTEN
  • CHEER for each other

Manufacturer Updates

Between the keynotes, manufacturers where invited on to the stage. Event moderator Tim Albright asked questions about their current focus areas, recent developments, and product launches at ISE so that all members could be up to speed with the activities of their manufacturer partners.

Thursday’s agenda includes the much-anticipated End User Panel, an overview of the impacts of the global economy, and a deeper dive into the subscription economy.

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