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Collaboration Week starts with Live #AVintheAM

Talking collaboration on a Sunday morning

We are kicking off Collaboration Week New York with a live stream of Chris Neto’s #AVintheAM Twitter conversation. David Danto leads a rotating guest list in combination with the Twitter conversation. The program kicks off with Neto’s release of the four main questions about unified communication. Joining Danto is Tom Berry from Verrex and Dr. S. Ann Earon of Telemanagement Resources.

With the start of the program, our panel tackles the first question of the day for #AVintheAM. How do you define Unified Communications and Collaboration? Berry, Danto, Neto, and Earon first define what unified communications and collaboration. In that definition is the understanding that the definition and parts and pieces have changed in the last 10 years. A decade ago the industry defined UCC in relation to the hardware; see interactive boards, telepresence, and hardware video codecs.

The panel then moves to define what the UCC term could be called today. The advent of mobile and apps has moved the collaboration conversation from an installed piece into a software and apps environment. The ultimate goal of the users may or may not include the phrase “collaboration”.

In addition to the in-person commentary, Danto and the group bring in both the viewer questions from the live stream as well as questions and comments from Twitter for those using the hashtag #HeyPanel. Manish Parmar asked, “how much instruction is too much instruction?” Ann Earon discussed the experience between being trained on a smartphone versus getting trained on a unified communications platform. “Most of us weren’t trained on our latest phone”, Earon says, “that should be the same experience we have with our UCC systems.

For more information about Collaboration Week New York you can go to the official website by clicking here.
Follow along as AVNation streams live the gala dinner on Monday February 25, 2019. You can watch the entire two-hour live broadcast below.

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