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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Christie Offers Projection Flexibility with Mirage SST at InfoComm2019

Christie Presents the New High Performance Flexible Mirage SST

Booth 2543 – With one of the largest booths at InfoComm19, Christie is showing a huge range of their product line. Leadig the charge is Christie’s stunning new Mirage SST projector. Mirage capitalizes on fiber technology to make this solution highly flexible, so that it fits into unusual spaces, maximizing installation options. It’s packed with high performance features like 4K capability, up to 480 frames per second, and projector installation options with a smaller form factor and cooler operation. The 30 foot cable comes standard, and the light source is silent allows for projection mapping. It runs on a single 5 amp circuit giving it added versatility. There are also multiple mounting options and orientations available for the projection, which is a true laser projector rather than laser phosphor.

A focus for Christie with Mirage SST is offering cinema-quality color that is not available in home environments. The higher frame rate brings new realism to the content. The end result is a unique immersive experience consumers cannot get at home. According to Larry Paul of Christie, this robust option offers incredible differentiators that set it far apart from at-home projection models, with a much richer color pallet.

For more information on Christie Mirage SST, click here. Or go to Christie’s website for the full line of products.

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AV Nation features more information on their website about Christie Digital products.

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