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SurgeX Squid Unveils New Power Management Innovation at IC2019

The SurgeX line of products helps integrators manage power needs for their projects, and the SurgeX Squid has been the flagship product for doing that. Vince Luciani of SurgeX shows AV Nation’s Tim Albright some of the latest innovations. The Squid has one input, 7 outputs where 4 of the outputs are traditional AC controls, and three are DC so integrators can get rid of wall warts. By using a relay-based system, currents can be controlled, the device can be monitored and there are also external control options.

There will be three SKU options; a 12/12, a 12/24 and a 24/24. There is a 5 volt output on all three devices. Luciani recommends that integrators have a thorough understanding of what they need to power, and then SurgeX professionals will help them determine which unit is best. The improved Squid device will be available early next year.

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For more information on SurgeX, click here. To see AV Nation’s previous coverage of SurgeX, click here.

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