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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Matrox Releases QuadHead2Go with 4 HDMI Outputs at InfoComm 2019

Booth 3055 – Matrox has a new release, QuadHead2Go, built on the success of two existing products that feature 2 and 3 outputs. David Chiappini shows AV Nation’s Tim Albright the new Quad2HeadGo featuring 4 HDMI outputs, designed specifically for artistic and large-scale video walls. The solution takes one high resolution video and expands it on 2, 3, or now 4 heads. For the DuelHead2Go and TripleHead2Go versions, the functionality expands laptop and multimedia boxes.

QuadHead2Go is a robust solution that can handle video walls as well. It handles a high resolution signal of up to 8K with 15 hertz, or 4K at 60 hertz. The signal is split across 4 outputs that are totally independent. The functionality adds versatility in video output arrays. The form factor allows for high density in the rack solution where up to 10 units can be mounted side by side. Going one step further, the QuadHead2Go is also available in a video output card form factor making it easier to integrate. Different resolutions are also possible, and the software is included with the product.

This is a stand-alone product once its set-up, so the unit can be moved anywhere for team members to work with it. One possible use case is when an integrator has to go onsite, and have access to diagrams, specs and layouts. The buttons in the front control the unit.

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For more information on Matrox, click here. For AV Nation’s coverage of Matrox, click here.

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