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Monday, May 20, 2024
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NEC Releases ALP Pro, Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform

ALP Pro (Analytics Learning Platform) is an enterprise-based business intelligence platform, which collects data like demographic attribution to deliver highly targeted content on digital signage. Rich Ventura of NEC told AV Nation’s Lindsey Adler there are more reporting tools in the ALP Pro than in the base version, including variance reporting, message efficiency (did the message meet your objectives?), and the ability to do higher level comparisons of content. The tool can drill down to search terms, such as identifying women age 20-30 wearing hoodies as an example. ALP Pro then serves up content on digital signage specifically geared to those qualifiers. There is also the ability to layer content.

ALP is a blended on prem/cloud solution. The hardware never leaves the area and is everything around the media triggers, with DOE-based cameras. The appliance can sit anywhere. The CMS system is selected by the integrator to work with the client’s legacy solution. The data then goes up to the cloud, and everything is collected in complete anonymity.

For more information on NEC, click here. For AV Nation’s coverage of NEC, click here.

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