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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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ViewSonic launches monthly thought leadership series

The series explores how to boost enterprise productivity with technology

ViewSonic has launched a monthly thought leadership series that focuses on the role technology plays in boosting enterprise productivity with the goal of sharing actionable insights for organizations looking to leverage digital transformation for growth and competitive edge.

“In focusing on key strategic applications of ViewSonic visual solutions for the enterprise, we determined that enhanced productivity is a fundamental benefit/result that is tethered to other factors such as collaboration, communication, time management, technology adoption and employee satisfaction,” says Chris Graefe, Viewsonic’s director of enterprise sales and designated thought leader for the series.

Graefe, who has 23 years’ experience in the technology industry, 19 of which he has spent at ViewSonic, has aligned key market trends and technology innovations with the needs of organizations to support their goals for success. His expertise is in visual solutions including interactive displays, large-format screens, desktop monitors, projectors and digital signage that are integral to collaboration, connection and creativity in the enterprise.

The first installment in the series, Leveraging Technology to Boost Workplace Productivity: Enabling the Enabler debuted on the company’s website last month, and explores how technology can impact the enterprise with five fundamental questions — How is productivity defined? How is it measured? What gets in the way of achieving it? How can it be improved? Who is involved in that process? — that address the enabling force that the pairing of technology and workplace productivity can be. 

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Future installments of the ongoing series will continue to unpack the interplay between technology and productivity and how innovative organizational structures and processes are evolving to overcome challenges as well as address the importance of creating opportunities and resources for enterprise-wide collaboration. 

“We hope the insights we share will assist enterprises in defining what productivity means to them,” says Graefe, “how it impacts various segments of their organization, what can get in the way of achieving it, how it can be enhanced, and the role of technology including visual solutions in addressing these issues.” 

For information on ViewSonic visual solutions for digital transformation, visit www.viewsonic.com.

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