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What Biamp is bringing to the conference space at ISE 2020

On day one of ISE, Biamp announced that it had acquired Huddle Room Technology (HRT) SRL, an Italy-based USB wireless technology company, whose successful Huddle Hub BYOD solution was one of the incentives for Biamp’s acquisition. AVNation’s Matt Scott speaks with Biamp’s Joe Andrulis about how HRT fits into Biamp’s conferencing legacy.

“Most of the things that we’ve been doing are really reflecting the new ways in which our customers are wanting to use those space types,” Andrulis. says.” The notion of wireless USB reflects that cables are problematic. They get lost. They are too short. They’re in the wrong spot. They are tough to pass around. Connectors are the wrong type. On and on it goes. So even though it s a great solution when its all connected, maybe its not the greatest in practical terms. So a wireless alternative fits the needs of some of our users nicely. We are adding that in. Its going to be a great complement to the Devio and Tersia lines  and we think it has got some real interesting growth potential for us.”

Andrulis also notes that the acquisition of HRT is a continuum of solutions for Biamp along with existing product complements.

Biamp is at ISE 2020 on Booth 3-B90.

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