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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Exploring Draper’s Mount Interface at ISE 2020

Matt Scott explores Draper’s Mount Interface and SmartTrim for Barco UniSee solution with Kevin Barlow.

A year and a half ago, Draper partnered with Barco to create  SmartTrim for Barco UniSee for Barco’s eponymous video walls platform, seizing an opportunity that Barco had left open to integrators. At ISE 2020, Draper is showcasing SmartTrim and its newly developed Mount Interface solution (also developed in collaboration with Barco’s UniSee line) that works in tandem with SmartTrim to help with installations that lack a flat wall surface.

“It is a very simple design,” Barlow says of the Mount Interface, which features tabs and magnets that easily clip on. “Basically it’s like a picture frame you hang on the wall with simple clips that have x, y, z adjustment. So you are adjusting to flatten it or making up for the lack of flatness in your wall with the clips before even hanging the frame. This can be installed by one person, its very lightweight and it’s unlimited in size. You can a 3×1 portrait. You can do a 10×10. There is no limit on the size, either for the Mount Interface or the SmartTrim.”

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SmartTrim and the Mounting Interface are core Draper products — standard off the shelf items — but they can also be configured by color, flange depth, perforation, and more. 

Draper is at ISE 2020 in Hall 12 at K70.

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