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Turning mounts into elegant furniture with Draper at ISE 2020

Matt Scott talks with Draper’s Kevin Barlow about the company’s forthcoming Executive Series floor mount for 16:9 format LED displays.

Designed to be more furniture than mount, the Executive Series floor mount is in preview at ISE 2020 and is ideal for corporate and residential applications. ADA compliant, the unique mount is specifically for 16:9 format LED displays.

Why floor mounting?

“It’s the uneven [wall]issue, so you have a faster, easier installation,” Barlow says. “It is also for ADA compliance. When you go to the floor there is no ADA requirement even though we are fairly shallow; probably not much more than four inches already. It also gives you the ability to store equipment; processors, content source, everything upfront. And its a different look. It’s like having a credenza you have got a piece of furniture in the room, not just a video wall.”

The Executive Series launches this spring. Dealers will be able to spec the Executive Series from stock with customization available. 

Draper is at ISE 2020 in Hall 12 at K70.

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