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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Working in DSP Harmony with Shure at ISE 2020

Matt Scott explores Shure’s new Intellimix Room audio processing software with Peter Herr.

A couple of years ago, Shure debuted the Intellimix P300 DSP box, which was designed to harmoniously work within Shure’s network systems microphones while offering easy configuration and control right out of the box. At ISE 2020, the company has introduced Intellimix Room, 100-percent software-based audio processing for AV conferencing. Why get rid of the hardware?

“The proprietary box certainly serves a purpose,” Herr says. “We are not abandoning that. That model serves a lot of our customers and will continue to do so. But the software-based version of having something can go on a Windows 10 device or an appliance that is already running things like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, obviously that we all know is on a trajectory that is just out of sight, having that DSP processing from us on those devices to work in tandem with those things is really the flexibility that forward-thinking types are looking to do.”

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Herr explains that Intellimix Room is available in two “flavors”, an 8-channel and 16-channel version, and offers a competitively priced cost structure, which allows for greater investment in the audio capture in smaller huddle room and meeting space applications. 

Shure is at ISE 2020 on Stand B100 in Hall 3.

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