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Deciphering the two faces of Janus from Screen Innovations at ISE 2020

Skyler Meek of Screen Innovations joins Tim Albright in AVNation’s ISE studio to talk about Janus.

Named after a Roman mythological god with two faces, SI’s new Janus is a dual-sided unit with both UTP and terminal blocks. Capable of supplying power and control for any type of wire, Janus can control eight shades or screens, is infinitely expandable and fits in any panel or rack mount in a quarter of the space. 

“If you have one circuit that goes down,” Skyler says of the unit’s redundant power feature, “even if the shades or screens are in motion, the whole system will automatically switch over to the active circuit without any loss of motion in any of the motorized products at all.”

Skyler, who is always discovering new features of Janus himself, also talks about the company’s Fontus codec, which interfaces with Janus to convert 405 communication and power over five conductor wire to only two conductors. 

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