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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
YOU ARE AT:ArchiveTaking control of audio with Savant Systems at ISE 2020

Taking control of audio with Savant Systems at ISE 2020

Ian Roberts of Savant is in AVNation’s ISE Studio to talk about pitching audio control to customers. 

Savant is zeroing in on helping integrators expand the possibilities of their clients’ projects at the point of initial sale with a full platform of AV products, including new remote controls.

“One of the fundamental aspects of a Savant system is the ability to have what we call a scene, where the client can capture any moment in the home, says Roberts, who adds, “They can put it on the remote, they can put it on the keypad, on their light system, and that is something we empower them to do so that their system get better and better every day they use it.”

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Robert also discusses the Savant app, which now features local language control and translation, which dealers can implement through the system’s blueprint.

Savant’s IP Audio 1125W per channel amplifier is also on show, which is ideal for listening rooms.

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