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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Visix issues AxisTV Signage Suite v. 1.30

The company has also released version 3.11 of its Connect Room Sign software

Visix, Inc. has released version 1.30 of their of their AxisTV Signage Suite enterprise digital signage platform, which provides more freedom for content creators using fill-in messages and data mapping, improved player visibility and management, and other feature and utility enhancements. In addition, they have released version 3.11 of their Connect Room Sign software, adding JSON and XML calendar types and improving device management.

The new AxisTV Signage Suite release adds a new Adjust Message and Adjust Layout workflows that allow users to edit text and media files in fill-in messages and layouts. The Administer Players screen now displays version, last snapshot and last update, and can now be used to reboot or shutdown players. Version 1.30 also includes enhanced SAML authentication configuration in the AxisTV Manage CMS.

AxisTV Design, the desktop content design app, now boasts improvements to the Delphi calendar data widget and synchronization with the CMS. A new widget, Data-Mapped Text Choice, allows designers to specify what text they want to display, based on what data is available from the source. A basic user scenario would be “show the floor name based on the room number, or show the name when the floor name is not available.”

The company has also released version 3.11 of their Connect Room Manager application with the addition of two new read-only calendar types – JSON and XML. The Connect Room Manager Console has new backup and restore functionality, and administrators can now enter a room sign’s device shell without having to reboot the device. The release also includes a new energy-saver mode, enhancements to the PIN feature and enhanced logging capabilities.

“We’re constantly evaluating and improving our offering,” says Sean Matthews, president and CEO of Visix. “If you stand still in this industry, you’re going backwards. The digital world is dynamic, and we have to change and shift right along with it. As we get feedback from users, we integrate suggested additions and changes in as short a time frame as we can.”

Both new releases also feature a number of additional usability enhancements and bug fixes. For more information, or to request either software update, visit https://www.visix.com/tech-support/visix-software-updates/.


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