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Building a Solid Power Foundation: Basic Principles of Commercial Power Distribution

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A solid power foundation is often taken for granted: Once the devices are plugged in, they’ll just work. But, anomalies such as surges, spikes, and electrical noise occur daily, not just when a storm hits, and can be the culprit for downtime, device failure, or frequent need for reboots requiring site visits. These risks for power anomaly damage are easily solved with power management. By gaining an understanding of power distribution within a building, anomalies, and the solutions available today, dealers can ensure system performance, reduce service calls or truck rolls, and safeguard their reputation.

This presentation from SurgeX/AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection will provide attendees an understanding of the basic principles of power distribution, the challenges of common power anomalies, and how creating a solid power foundation can protect commercial AV systems.  


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