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Reflect Systems, BrightSign and NEC team up on Retail Resurgence Program

Created to help companies drive positive and safe customer experiences, the program bundles digital signage packages with financing options

Reflect Systems, a leader in place-based digital experiences for retail, entertainment and healthcare providers, today announced that it has joined forces with BrightSignNEC Display Solutions and NEC Financial Services to offer digital signage packages to help companies drive positive, safe customer experiences through its Retail Resurgence Program (RRP). The program bundles digital signage packages with financing options. At a time when many businesses are struggling with the changing retail landscape, RRP will enable brands to invest in solutions that will help engage and inform customers and staff.

Reflect, BrightSign and NEC are all the leaders in their respective spaces and have worked together across a variety of initiatives and offerings over the past decade. Due to the strength of their existing relationships, the brands were able to quickly come together to help businesses improve their customer experience without incurring any large upfront expenses. This coalition of retail technology experts joined forces with a simple goal: to help businesses leverage digital signage displays to maintain sales and boost the customer experience—while also navigating current budgetary constraints.

“Many businesses — especially those in the retail space—are currently tightening their belts and slimming down budgets, but historically, companies that maintain or even ramp up marketing efforts during an economic downturn are also the ones that bounce back fastest,” said Lee Summers, CEO of Reflect. “Through our partnership with BrightSign and NEC, we have the chance to offer brands a way to get ahead, no matter what our economic future holds.”

Instead of having to choose between business operations and investing in effective marketing strategies, the RRP empowers companies to affordably deploy digital experiences that will better position them for long-term financial success. Through the program, businesses can install effective digital displays and kiosks at no cost for three months, followed by reduced monthly payments for the next 12 months and standard payments for the remaining 24 or 48-month term. The goal is to provide a strategic approach that will drive growth for businesses across industries, including hospitality, entertainment, restaurants, traditional retailers and more.

“Reflect and our partners in this initiative have been supporting retailers for nearly 20 years—we’re not going to stop now just because times are tough,” Summers added. “Now more than ever, brands need our industry knowledge and expertise to help navigate these new challenges.”

Reflect, BrightSign, NEC Display Solutions and NEC Financial Services work closely with each customer to create a tailored, interactive experience that entertains, informs and engages customers like never before. Customers can select—and customize—the following digital signage displays, kiosks and wall-mount kits:

  • Store-front Concierge: Kiosk greets customers upon entry and provides key information, and safety reminders, as well as tracking occupancy and triggering specific content as needed
  • Checkout Assistant: Kiosk offers safety, social distancing and store offer reminders in areas where customers are likely to congregate, such as fitting rooms and checkout lines
  • Safety Ambassador: Kiosk features a digital display with integrated media player to update customers on safety procedures, new store hours or promotions—alongside a built-in hand sanitizing station
  • Product Specialist: Mounted display can be placed in specific areas to provide information to customers on key product characteristics to drive purchases
  • Brand Ambassador: Mounted display used to tell a brand’s story, promote loyalty program engagement and convert visitors to customers

“As consumers begin returning to brick-and-mortar retail and service spaces, it is paramount to prioritize heightened safety standards and make it easy for both customers and employees to understand and adhere to those precautionary measures,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “With that in mind, BrightSign supports a variety of features to control occupancy in spaces and eliminate the need to have physical contact with high-touch surfaces, such as touch screens and restaurant menus.”

“We are known for our creativity and consistency in providing financing solutions for a diverse customer base, regardless of their size,” said Herschel Salan, president of NEC Financial Services. “As part of a global technology leader, aligning our capabilities with Reflect, BrightSign and NEC Display Solutions to help businesses during this unprecedented economic time, while improving safety and enhancing the customer experience, is a reflection of our core values.”

“Retail signage products have to be built tough,” said Steve Sicula, regional account manager at NEC Display Solutions. “They need to be bright enough to be seen in a highly lit environment, they need to be able to stand up to physical abuse, and they need to perform reliably for years of constant operation. We’re honored that Reflect holds us to their high standards. Together, we’ll deliver retailers a solution with unmatched value.”

Every wall-mount display and kiosk being offered features a high definition NEC commercial display, BrightSign HD4 media player with 32GB SD and Wi-Fi module, professional installation, content services and ReflectView digital signage software platform annual license. The program also includes up to 10 hours of content strategy, content development, or content scheduling support at no additional charge. To learn more about the packages and financing options, visit

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