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TrueConf introduces All-Software MCU for standards-based room systems

MOSCOW – TrueConf, a European video conferencing developer, announced TrueConf MCU, a software-based multipoint control unit. The latest addition to its existing video collaboration ecosystem, TrueConf MCU is a cutting-edge meeting platform designed to scale existing video conferencing infrastructure and enable collaboration between traditional meeting room systems. Deployed on-premises or in the virtualized environment, TrueConf MCU guarantees industry-standard security, preventing enterprise customers from multiple cloud vulnerabilities.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and enterprises have struggled to justify investments in H.323- and SIP-based endpoints, which still remain the most popular hardware video conferencing solutions for data privacy reasons. In 2021, stalled meeting room systems are expected to be resumed as enterprises plan their return to offices in the coming months.

Enabling meeting solutions to work seamlessly with each other is fundamental to hosting productive virtual meetings, which is especially true for hybrid scenarios, when remote employees need to join calls with their office-based colleagues. TrueConf is willing to bridge the gap between different room systems with the release of TrueConf MCU.

TrueConf MCU is a 100% software Linux-based solution designed for hosting hassle-free meetings and optimizing your video conferencing capabilities across hardware and software platforms. The new solution supports multi-site conferencing for up to 150 simultaneous participants with high quality audio and 1080p video at 60 fps.

TrueConf MCU features a simple intuitive management dashboard and tools, which ultimately lead to faster and easier conference management. IT admins can view and monitor multiple meetings and devices, track system performance in real time, and deliver global and individual video layouts for a variety of enterprise, government & defense, broadcasting and room control use cases.

Apart from HD bridging and video conferencing, TrueConf MCU delivers high quality content sharing, streaming and recording, as well as advanced management and monitoring capabilities. Available as an on-premises software platform, the new product doesn’t require monthly cloud-based subscriptions, lowering capital expenditure for SMBs and enterprises.

TrueConf MCU is a unique market offering that provides a fully-featured free version for an unlimited time period. Some of the free version restrictions include 4 concurrent connections and 45 minute limit per conference.

“Today TrueConf is bringing MCUs to life with a new, all-software revolutionary approach,” says Dmitry Odintsov, CEO at TrueConf.  “TrueConf MCU offers unprecedented flexibility, interoperability and cost-effectiveness, maximizing the ROI of your existing meeting room equipment and enabling mission-critical communications.”


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