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YOU ARE AT:Business NewsBlueJeans by Verizon live streams world’s first passenger test of Hyperloop technology

BlueJeans by Verizon live streams world’s first passenger test of Hyperloop technology

LAS VEGAS – Hyperloop technology promises to revolutionize both passenger and cargo by creating low-cost, energy-efficient intercity travel via magnetic-levitation pods, moving through vacuum tubes at up to 600 miles per hour.

When the industry leader, Virgin Hyperloop , prepared to run the first-ever manned hyperloop test on its track north of Las Vegas, the company knew it had an additional challenge: how to present the pioneering event to investors, company principles such as Sir Richard Branson, and employees, given that COVID-19 prevented more than a handful of individuals to be on site.

To ensure that the test, which had been in planning for 18 months, would come off safely, but also discreetly and securely, Virgin Hyperloop turned to BlueJeans by Verizon, its video conferencing partner.

To create an exciting ambience, Virgin Hyperloop used BlueJeans Events to livestream the historic test — allowing employees to watch at a COVID-safe drive-in-theater-style gathering a few miles away.  As employees sat in their cars, they were treated to a giant-screen experience, complete with popcorn and old-time movie advertisements.

Simultaneously, thousands of miles distant, potential investors and company executives were watching the same BlueJeans video feed.

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Thanks to BlueJeans’ secure technology, word of the test never leaked to the public, despite the fact that hundreds at the company were working for many months to make it happen.

According to Virgin Hyperloop, “we could not have done the event without BlueJeans.”


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