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muvi Cinemas selects Cinionic to power its premium large format, XPERIENCE using Cinionic Giant Screen

KORTRIJK, Belgium – Cinionic has been selected by Saudi Arabia’s homegrown theater circuit, muvi Cinemas, to power its premium large format, XPERIENCE. Muvi selected Cinionic Giant Screen (CGS) to power more than 25 premium XPERIENCE auditoriums throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The first XPERIENCE powered by CGS locations, Al Ahsa Mall, Aziz Mall, and Nakheel Mall are open now, with further sites coming soon.

CGS, Cinionic’s complete solution for premium cinema, offers moviegoers a better way to go the movies. The new vision for XPERIENCE, now powered by CGS, has been carefully designed to exceed guest expectations at every step of the moviegoer journey, from targeted promotion to consistently stunning presentations. Upon arrival, audiences are greeted by eye-catching signature entryways that give way to spacious auditoriums with giant screens and premium amenities. As the lights dim and the show begins, XPERIENCE powered by CGS delivers giant, brighter, laser-powered presentations of expertly remastered films from Hollywood studios and local distributors.

“We are excited to be partnering with Cinionic to power our XPERIENCE premium large format screens with CGS. This brings the best on screen experience for our guests across the Kingdom,” said Adon Quinn, COO, muvi Cinemas.

This announcement is the latest collaboration in a successful and ongoing relationship between Cinionic and Muvi.  Since its inception in 2019, the circuit continues to turn to Cinionic’s leading portfolio of laser cinema solutions to achieve its ambitious expansion plans. Audiences in the KSA seek exceptional movie-going experiences and premium theaters are increasingly important to cinemas opening in the region. XPERIENCE powered by CGS offers a mix of future-ready technology, specially remastered content, and premium auditorium concept providing the elevated cinema experience Saudi Arabian audiences are looking for.

“Muvi has set themselves apart as a leader in exhibition with proven laser solutions in a rapidly growing market, empowering premium visual experiences at every level,” added Wim Buyens, CEO Cinionic. “We are excited to expand and elevate the moviegoing experience with premium values throughout our collaboration to power XPERIENCE with CGS. Together, we proudly deliver audiences across the KSA a brighter, better, and giant way to go the cinema.”

Cinionic ‘s mission is to bring people to the movies. The comprehensive powered by CGS solution is designed around the exhibitor, covering everything needed to deliver a premium cinema on giant screens, throughout the customer journey. With bigger, brighter laser projection, exceptional audio and premium upgrades, the power of CGS delivers an extraordinary cinema experience with every visit.

The new Muvi XPERIENCE powered by CGS theaters join more than 380 CGS-powered premium screens around the world.



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