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Ashly Audio Adds “Plus” Model to AW Series On-Wall Speaker Line

WEBSTER, New York — Ashly Audio, manufacturer of pro sound solutions, is enhancing its AW Series On-Wall speaker line with a Plus model that includes a higher power transformer to make the solution more flexible for integrations in larger spaces. The new model is available for order immediately.

“When our partners saw how versatile the AW Series On-Wall speaker line was at its price point, one of the requests we heard was if we could increase the output power of our 70 and 100 volt transformers,” said Noel Larson, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Ashly Audio. “So we’ve done just that. This will enable even more integration options for our partners using the extremely versatile AW line.”

All AW speakers are designed to leverage the Ashly Audio ecosystem of solutions and take full advantage of Protēa and AquaControl™ DSP. Since its introduction in January 2020, the AW line has been an attractive option for schools, houses of worship, auditorium fill areas, exhibits and hearing rooms. The AW line has also found a place in the integrator toolkit for offering competitive price points for pro audio systems in restaurants and bars.

The new Plus model, which will be stylized as AWT+, offers a power upgrade to make the speakers more accessible for larger rooms, such as retail spaces, transportation centers, or noisy sports bars. The AW-5.2T+ is now available at 30, 15, 7.5, and 3.75W at 70V, and at 60, 30, 15, and 7.5W at 100V. The AW-8.2T+ is available at 60, 30, 15, and 7.5W at 70V, and at 60, 30, and 15W at 100V.

A unique Directivity Optimized Crossover in the AW design reduces the off-axis deviation in sound pressure levels to <9db, providing a wider “sweet spot” for audio and enabling robust bass, crisp treble and an accurate midrange. That benefit remains fully in place in the AW-5.2T+ and AW-8.2T+.

The AW-5.2T+ & AW-8.2T+ are also IP54 rated, so they are ideal for use in outdoor situations, like patios and public spaces, as well as for indoors.

“We remain focused on offering complete solutions that make use of Ashly’s expertise in professional sound,” Larson said. “Adding more capabilities to our speaker offerings means our partners can win more business. We want them to have flexible options so they can be competitive with their bids, no matter the project type or size. Enhancing the AW line does exactly that.”

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