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Panasonic Introduces New Education Offerings to Support Hybrid Learning

NEWARK, N.J. – Today’s education learning environments require flexible and interactive technology that encourages information sharing, collaboration and productivity, regardless of the location of the student or educator. As we approach a new school year, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America (PSSNA) announced several collaboration-focused solutions to support hybrid learning experiences.

“For more than 40 years, Panasonic has been at the forefront of classroom innovations, working closely with education experts to bring forth new AV technology solutions focused on improving student outcomes,” said John Baisley, Senior Vice President, Professional Imaging & Visual Systems, PSSNA. “Regardless of whether classes are remote, in person or hybrid, it is critical that each learning space is well thought out with new modalities in mind to ensure students are engaged and feel fulfilled after the lesson.”

Project Moonshot, Provides Educators with a New Learning Community
To increase learning productivity and student achievement, Panasonic has partnered with cyber learning pioneer, Dr. Sonny Magana, Founder and CEO, Magana Education, to create Project Moonshot. Implementing Dr. Magana’s T3 Framework for Innovation, Moonshot is designed to help education institutions leverage research-driven online teaching strategies to measurably accelerate student learning within in-person, online and hybrid settings. Moonshot will provide synchronous and asynchronous online workshops for educators focused on leveraging the T3 Learning Platform, which maximizes student performance and has been shown to quadruple student achievement.

“Project Moonshot is an opportunity for Panasonic to transform classroom conversations from monologues to dialogues in academia,” said Darryl Krall, National Sales Manager, Panasonic. “Our intention is to package our AV technology portfolio with the T3 Framework’s proven strategies, protocols and resources so that our AV equipment is not just used but utilized in the most effective way to improve learning outcomes. It’s not just about the AV – it’s about reliably and consistently improving remote and hybrid learning based on the research evidence.”

Combined with Project Moonshot, Panasonic now provides the education community a complete set of innovative tools to create engaging and inspiring learning experiences in an online, hybrid or face-to-face classroom environment.

New Projector and Lens Technology Improves Information Sharing and Presentations in Next Generation Learning Environments

PT-MZ880 Series 3LCD SOLID SHINE Projectors: To maximize learning and productivity, clear, bright visuals in well-lit rooms with minimal noise are essential. Panasonic’s new PT-MZ880 Series 3LCD SOLID SHINE projectors are an excellent choice for learning environments. This new 3LCD projector series delivers vibrant, bright and colorful image quality and its compact, lightweight design is flexible to fit in any space. Since classrooms require reliable, consistent operation, the PT-MZ880 projector eco-friendly design enables up to 20,000 hours of virtually 24/7 maintenance-free operation reducing labor, installation time and overall total cost of ownership. With whisper-quiet operation preventing any audience distraction, the PT-MZ880 Series projectors are also compatible with Panasonic’s PressIT Wireless Presentation System for easy plug & play presentation collaboration with a simple press of a button.

The PT-MZ880 Series includes three models to choose from, all featuring WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution, 4K signal input via DIGITAL LINK and CEC-ready HDMI® compatibility. The new redesigned cabinet is available in either black or white. The PT-MZ880 provides 8,000lm of brightness, while the PT-MZ780 and PT-MZ680 provides 7,000lm and 6,000lm of brightness respectively. The PT-MZ880 Series 3LCD SOLID SHINE projectors will be available in July 2021.

Ultra-Short Throw Lenses: The new ET-ELU20 and ET-EMU100 Zero Offset Ultra-Short Throw (UST) Zoom Lenses have been designed to ensure images are projected in a crisp, clean and unobstructed manner. Both lenses are capable of delivering a 200-inch (16:10) image from ~4.5 feet with zero offset for immersive LCD projection in tight spaces. During lectures or presentations, these new UST lenses enable students and educators to approach the screen with minimal shadows, allowing learners to easily view the content without distractions, getting a clear view of the projected content. Both lenses offer a throw ratio of 0.330-0.353:1 (WUXGA) and have powered zoom and H/V lens-shift for adjustment flexibility after the projector is installed, saving time and effort.

  • The ET-ELU20 Zero Offset Ultra Short‐Throw Lens features heat and scratch resistant glass and offers flexible installation options for use with the new PT-MZ880 Series 3LCD SOLID SHINE laser projectors. Available September 2021.
  • The ET-EMU100 Zero Offset Ultra Short-Throw Lens is designed for use with the PT-MZ16KL Series 3LCD SOLID SHINE laser projectors. Available August 2021.

AW-SF300 Visual Preset Software Key: The new AW-SF300 Visual Preset Software Key supports the management and control of multiple Panasonic 4K/HD PTZ cameras using a PC. Currently available, the SF300 software key adds GUI-based operation to its existing freeware PTZ Control Center. The addition of the AW-SF300 enables the management and control of PTZ camera presets incorporating photos and layout diagrams assigned by the user. Users can recall presets for multiple PTZ cameras at once and switch the cameras directed toward a subject simply by clicking on subject icons on the GUI screen. The AW-SF300 will make it even easier for single-person operation of Panasonic’s comprehensive lineup of 4K and HD PTZ cameras.

Professional Audio: Audio technology is a critical element in learning environments. Panasonic’s WX-SR200P Digital Wireless Microphone System delivers excellent speech clarity and low latency making it ideal for voice lift applications for hybrid experiences. The system transmits wirelessly over 1.9GHz and features an antenna with an adjustable range, eliminating the potential for signal interference. Proven to withstand the rigors of an education environment, the digital wireless microphone system comes with a standard 3-year warranty. The WX-SR200P Digital Wireless Microphone System is currently available with a 2-channel wireless mic receiver. A 4-channel receiver option (WX-SR204) as well as an expansion receiver (WX-SE200) will be available in July 2021.


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