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Celebrating Women of AV: Anna Csontos

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Csontos brings expertise of MBAs to AV

Meet Anna Csontos, Executive Vice President at QSC. Csontos joined QSC roughly ten years ago seeking a company that not only had good instincts, but aspirations and goals as well. After earning her MBA and working in consulting, Csontos recalls her hiring at QSC as a “mutual match.”  In her first five years with QSC, Anna “touched every part of the company,”. Within the last five years, however, Csontos has specialized in sales and marketing.

A workplace must encourage a community that respects differences of thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds – Anna Csontos, QSC

Raised in Europe, Csontos brings incredibly inclusive and progressive ideas to the table. She believes that she has been beneficial to the company in this way, acknowledging that as a woman in business, there are various ways to interpret someone with her background. QSC had hired many people with experience in the industry, professionals who could match the existing knowledge in the workspace. Csontos celebrates her unique international background and believes this was the attribute QSC found most appealing in her as a candidate, as their goal was to eventually expand internationally.  There are now more than 10 QSC offices globally.

International, global, and diverse minds are becoming increasingly appreciated and celebrated. Csontos places great importance in thinking more globally. As AV businesses continue to grow, they must expand globally. While the US is a “great place to build your business and start out strong,” it can become a challenge, says Csontos. The natural evolution of the current market is to expand your reach. Csontos says, “The US market is big and significant, you have to force yourself to really think multinationally and think about what’s different from other countries and cultures.” Now more than ever, Anna believes that following the 2020 recession, relying on international growth and keeping up with the changing economic landscape is especially important.

Listen to the entire Women of AV, Anna Csontos interview here

Csontos discusses her experience being a woman in business, and techology. Anna is well-regarded, a champion of implementing a thought process in the workspace that celebrates diversity and inclusion. As a woman in business, Csontos believes mindset is what matters most. As a woman, she notes, in order to feel equally represented and supported, a workplace must encourage a community that respects differences of thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds. Csontos holds these three factors close to her, saying this perspective was one she utilized heavily at the start of her career. Many people have no grasp on how valuable different perspectives can be, what a person brings to the table. This notion is one that young professionals, especially women, should adopt.

Mentoring the next generation of AV

When asked to reflect on her time and involvement in QSC over the past ten years, Anna recalls the importance of mentorship, the critical role it plays when bringing up the next generation of the AV Workforce. Mentorship to Csontos is giving back. When asked what advice she would give to a young person, she says “be courageous.” Young people should network with those they feel a connection with, she says. The best mentorships are those that form naturally, based on human connections. As a person who believes so strongly in the power of mentorship, Csontos urges young professionals to reach out to her, as these are mutually beneficial relationships that provide ample opportunities and learning experiences.

Before she retires, Anna wishes for a world where conversations regarding diversity and inclusion fill up less space. By the time she retires, the QSC Executive Vice President hopes for a world that embraces differences. It is in the hands of everyone, leaders or not, to make this mindset a priority.

For those looking to connect with Anna Csontos, you can find her on LinkedIn or email her at anna.csontos@qsc.com.


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