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Extron NAV & XTP Systems Help Gazprom Neft Scientists Increase Production and Improve Efficiency

ANAHEIM, Calif. – To support collaboration among the 1,100 scientists, researchers, and staff at their new Science and Technology Center – GSTC in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, Gazprom Neft turned to Jet Infosystems and Extron. GSTC provides standard office areas and flexible, open meeting spaces for project teams ranging in size from 10 to 100 employees. The facility also includes a configurable training and lecture hall that can serve as a forum. Jet designed and deployed a fully configured matrix switching solution based on Extron NAV Pro AV over IP and XTP Systems. An XTP II CrossPoint matrix switcher handles switching and local routing over the twisted pair cable infrastructure, while the NAV system facilitates transmission to and from remote locations. These systems are connected by a transit zone. They work in tandem to deliver signals from an array of computers and AV sources to projection and videowall display systems, as well as separate interactive touch displays, located throughout the facility. The Gazprom Neft corporate officers consider the GSTC, with its NAV and XTP systems, to be an essential tool for the mutual discovery, decision making, and dissemination of new and improved petroleum production methods to the field.

“Extron NAV and XTP systems were chosen based on their functionality, flexibility, and reliability,” says Mikhail Anoshin, Specialist for Fuel and Energy Companies at Jet Infosystems. “Also, Extron offers a full range of products, systems, and solutions required to meet the specified capabilities.”

The AV system at GTSC that combines NAV and XTP meets Gazprom Neft’s carefully defined requirements for this new facility, providing all of the expected AV functionality and more. It facilitates the collaborative efforts that enable management to quickly and easily shape corporate policies, programs, and activities. The Extron systems provide high performance signal switching among the various sources and instantaneous delivery of content to each selected display. Another benefit of this installation is the interchangeability of the system components from location to location, optimizing efficiency. The NAV and XTP systems have proven to reliably support and enhance collaboration amongh the GSTC employees as well as increase efficiency across all 24 regional facilities.

To read the full Gazprom Neft case study, click here.


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