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KLANG Announces New KLANG:konductor at PLASA 2021

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KLANG introduced its most powerful and versatile immersive in-ear headphones, the KLANG:konductor, at the 2021 PLASA Show in Olympia London. With monitor engineers in mind, KLANG:konductor satisfies the demand with a high-end mixing system that can deliver 16 immersive mixes and process 128 input signals at up to 96kHz.

“KLANG:konductor is the swiss army knife of audio format conversion and becomes very handy as an interface for virtual sound checks or multitrack recordings, at the same time as being used as an immersive processor,” says KLANG’s co-founder, Dr. Pascal Dietrich.

KLANG:konductor offer three DMI slots on its rear to provide unrivaled I/O freedom and guarantees flawless integration into any existing setup. Paired with integral single-channel routing capabilities, the KLANG:konductor allows users to freely route between the immersive mix engine and convert between different DMI formats. 

“Many of our customers value the I/O flexibility that our first KLANG:fabrik offers, but we know they need to quickly adapt to different I/O situations when touring through different countries. KLANG:konductor considerably extends this flexibility and lets the user choose I/O on the fly,” CTO Benedikt Krechel said.

KLANG:konductor offers the same studio-grade amplifier circuit as KLANG:quelle on the front of the device, allowing engineers to directly connect their in-ears and seamlessly switch to a KLANG cue via the app

The device comes equipped with a front-mounted seven-inch color touch display for direct mix control, audio set up, and monitoring meters. A network port on the front of the unit provides power over ethernet to directly connect a KLANG:kontroller or KLANG:quelle, and dual redundant power supplies offer maximum reliability.

 Check out their website to learn more about the KLANG:konductor and other KLANG solutions.


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