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Avocor Announces Launches Two New Google Meet Devices

On Wednesday, Avocor announced the release of two new all-in-one video conferencing and digital whiteboard devices. The Google Meet Series One Desk 27 and Board 65 enable more equitable meeting experiences for personal and group applications. The new workspaces give Google Workspaces customers the most effective means to collaborate for every situation.

“Creating meeting equity for teams who are both in-person and remote has never been more important to our global customers and partners, and a shared commitment to supporting meeting equity for the more than 6 million businesses that use Google Workspace is what drove us to create a strategic partnership with Google Workspace,” said Scott Hix, CEO, Avocor. 

Google Meet Series One Desk 27 by Avocor

The 27-inch all-in-one touchscreen device takes on multiple roles, whether you need a desk monitor or a digital whiteboard. The Desk 27 boast crystal-clear audio thanks to TrueVoice and the high-quality soundbars and microphones. The noise-canceling technology eliminates distracting background, including the typing of a keyboard and rustling papers. Each Desk 27 comes with an adjustable tabletop stand and can be wall-mounted. 

The touchscreen device requires only power and Ethernet, while also featuring a USB-C port, making it easy to connect a laptop and reduce cable clutter. Desk 27 allows access to other video meeting apps, even though it’s optimized for Google Meets. Joining meetings can be as simple as tapping on the calendar or by saying “Hey Google, join the meeting.”

Google Meet Series One Board 65 by Avocor

Board 65 encourages better team collaboration. The 65-inch board can be wall-mounted in small-to-medium meeting rooms or can be placed on a stand for mobility. Board 65 can connect both in-person and remote meeting attendees with the chance to contribute to every conversation equally. Attendees can easily connect their laptops via USB-C for power and content sharing.

Both Desk 27 and Board 65 offer similar features like TrueVoice audio experience and digital PTZ cameras for a wide field of view. They also have a sleek and user-friendly design. Both devices have optically bonded screens as well as anti-fingerprint glass to offer an acutely sensitive writing experience.

“The best video and collaboration experiences bring together Google Meet and Meet hardware—accelerating overall productivity. We partnered with Avocor to give Google Workspace customers access to one of the best collaboration-first interactive touchscreen technologies on the market. We’re excited to introduce these new Google Meet Series One solutions with Avocor to help Google Workspace customers to get more done,” said Dave Citron, director of product management for Google Meet and Meet hardware.

Both Google Meet Series One Desk 27 from Avocor (MSRP $1,999 USD) and Google Meet Series One Board 65 from Avocor (Expected MSRP $6,999 USD) are now available for customers pre-order at Avocor.com/google. General availability expected in late Q4 2021 for Desk 27 and Q1 2022 for Board 65. Both will be sold exclusively by Avocor through the Google Workspace global network of authorized resellers.

To learn more about how to get started with Avocor, visit www.avocor.com.


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