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Crestron Strengthens the Hybrid Meeting Experience with Intelligent Video

Crestron has enhanced the Crestron Flex platform with new intelligent video support from partners Jabra and Huddly. The two brands will facilitate productive meetings both in-office and at-home. The new platform ties all the video meeting services together, providing purpose-built devices for every space.

“Among the many things we’ve learned as individuals continue to work remotely and return-to-office, is video conferencing and collaboration is at the center of the modern workplace. As we saw last week with Google’s real estate acquisition the corporate office is not going away, so we have to make the experiences better for everyone,” said Alex Peras, Director of UC & Corporate Development, Crestron. “Adding immediate support for Jabra and Huddly cameras helps build on our mission to ensure an immersive and equitable meeting experience, regardless of where participants join from.”

The addition of intelligent video integration to the Crestron Flex platform offers several features that enhance the video conferencing experience, including:

  • People counting and face-framing – Intelligent cameras recognize each participant in the room and provide a single image of each participant as well as a full room view to ensure each participant, both locally and remote, has an equal seat at the table. 
  • Full room view – Integrated real-time video stitching gives a full 180˚ view of the room, fully optimizing small spaces for better video conferencing, ensuring every person can be seen clearly, all while maintaining proper social distancing protocols.  
  • Whiteboard Sharing – Whiteboards are a key collaboration tool, however, with hybrid meetings, remote participants are often left in the dark and cannot view the content on the whiteboard in the room. Whiteboard Sharing enables participants to view and share content from up to three whiteboards digitally, extending the functionality and usability of whiteboard collaboration to outside the room.  
  • Analytics – Capture data and analytics of room utilization, occupancy, and people counting to provide better insight into how your spaces are being used which enables more efficient real estate planning and budgeting.


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