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Bose Professional Shares Expert Insights in New “Better Connected” Series

Bose Professional announced the introduction of “Better Connected”, a video podcast series addressing the challenges of communicating effectively and developing deeper human connections in a virtual world.

“Better Connected features insights and stories from experts in their respective fields, who have adapted their skillsets for an increasingly virtual world,” shares Justin O’Connor, host of “Better Connected” and category marketing manager at Bose Professional. “While audiovisual technologies are increasingly common in our workplaces, we can all be inspired and learn from the experiences shared by our guests. In doing so, we can find the right balance between human and technology as our communication methods continue to evolve.”

The series has been curated to celebrate what is possible through the power of remote collaboration. Over the course of three episodes, host Justin O’Connor welcomes guests to explore how to foster authentic interaction in remote collaboration spaces. It will feature lessons for everyone adapting to the new world of hybrid work, trying to make the most of their digital interactions.

“Better Connected” episodes will feature:

  • Connecting with Virtual Audiences with Dianna Cowern: Also known as “Physics Girl,” prolific YouTuber Dianna Cowern will share her experiences in cultivating trust and engagement virtually among her more than 2 million subscribers, as well as how to deliver complex ideas succinctly and authentically to an audience in a fun and entertaining way.  
  • Remote Collaboration with Scott Kelly: A former NASA astronaut and US Navy Captain, Scott Kelly shares his experience in communicating and interacting in challenging scenarios as well as staying productive. He speaks about the communication requirements in extreme environments and how to collaborate with teams spread across a variety of locations, providing practical tips we can apply to our lives on Earth.
  • Staying Motivated with Michael Johnson: As an Olympic gold medalist, World Champion athlete and founder of the sports training company Michael Johnson Performance, Michael discusses how coaching techniques have adapted to the virtual environment. He also shares how to stay motivated when situations change and how to get the best out of people who have been taken out of their comfort zones, resulting in the development of top performers.

The first episode is available now by visiting PRO.BOSE.COM/BetterConnected.


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