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Snap One Debuts Control4 & Josh.ai Consumer Campaign

The automation brand for SnapOne Control4 and Josh.ai are taking their distribution partnership a step further with several new resources to help integrators share the Control4+Josh.ai experience with customers. The companies plan to participate in a special webinar hosted by CE Pro Chief Content Officer Jason Knott on February 16.

“Josh.ai’s certified Control4 driver enables simple, private, and elegant voice automation in any environment. The combination of Josh.ai’s contextually aware natural language processing with Control4’s intuitive user interfaces and interoperability with tens of thousands of consumer devices offers limitless possibilities for clients. Josh.ai’s direct access to Control4 lights, shades, thermostats, audio content, video distribution, scenes, and more provide professionals with the pinnacle in luxury smart home customization,” said GPaul Hess, Chief Product Officer for Snap One.

These industry-leading voice and automation brands have also collaborated to create a new client experience video, “Imagine More with Josh.ai and Control4”. The video will demonstrate how natural voice control unleashes a Control4 Smart Home while underscoring Josh.ai’s steadfast commitment to privacy. 

In addition to webinars and marketing videos,  the companies have also developed key differentiating collateral to support integrators in the field. Control4’s blog takes a deep dive into the elegant features that differentiate a Josh.ai and Control4 system, including compound voice commands, scheduled requests, location awareness, and contextual control.

“Nothing has come close to what this partnership brought to the table. Integrating Josh.ai and Control4 in our projects, we are able to offer the most seamless, easy-to-use, and adaptable luxury smart home systems to our clients. In addition to the natural language processing that Josh.ai offers our clients to interface with, we are able to customize our programming and unlock countless possibilities to offer practically any personalized solution that our clients can come up with,” said Patrick Coleman, President of Future Automation & Design.

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