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AVA Plans to Make Residential Technology Attractive with Beautifully Designed Devices

Founder of NEOO and former Control4 executives have partnered to launch AVA, a new streaming audio and control brand. The new company is launching two new products: the AVA 2.1 Streaming Audio System and the AVA Remote.

“AVA is on a mission to put true stereo back into people’s homes while providing all the advantages of today’s most popular connected speakers. Not only is this how music is recorded, but it is also the best way to reproduce the experience intended by the artist and the sound engineers. Anything less does not do their work justice and is a huge miss when it comes to the actual and emotional listening experience,” said AVA CEO and co-founder Raphael Oberholzer. “We’re tremendously proud of what we have created and we cannot wait to share AVA with the rest of the world.”

The AVA Streaming Audio System was developed in collaboration with legendary Swiss audio company, Revox, which has built some of the most influential studio audio equipment. The system will consist of two AVA speakers and one AVA Bass Module. The AVA A1 Speaker features a full-range driver and other required components. The AVA B1 Bass Module connects to the speaker via KleerNet.

Additionally, the AVA A1 Speaker features an integrated Touch UI that enables quick access to important controls, including instant-play of up to five pre-set favorites directly from the speaker.  The AVA A1 Speaker includes a built-in rechargeable battery further ensuring uninterrupted audio playback. 

The AVA Remote gives the user unlimited control in the palm of their hands. As the world’s first Google Certified remote, the AVA Remote offers full access to the Google Play store enabling downloads of other Android Apps. The high-density touchscreen provides smooth and fast responses for actions. The remote is engineered with a microphone and a speaker, supporting voice control via Google Assistant.

AVA will be hosting a webinar on March 16 for professional installers. Grab an access code here. Check out AVA’s website to learn more about the new company.


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