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Legrand AV unleashes their elite experts

The Secret Weapon that helps AV Users

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If you like free things, you’re going to want to keep reading.

The Solutions Engineering Team formed at Legrand | AV in 2020. This elite squad of experts is ready to leap in to help partners with a host of services to help build amazing AV experiences.

The five members of the group come from all areas of the AV industry and bring an incredible range of experience to helping customers through the more technical challenges of system design. They don’t blink twice at the idea of researching new solutions for hours to resolve a challenge. The Solutions Engineering Team’s first mission, though, is to help customers through the design process. This can be beneficial in several ways.

  1. It’s a service provided at no extra expense to our partners.
  2. It helps professionals who are new, or experts in one particular field of AV, overcome gaps of knowledge or gain insight on products they did not know we offered.

“There’s a level of expertise that we bring to the table for Legrand products that you don’t have if you don’t work here,” said Brian Retzlaff, Manager of Solutions Engineering.

When designing AV systems, they’ll include both Legrand solutions as well as other manufacturers to create a complete, ready-to-deploy system. Like this:


Some large manufacturers have similar design assistance teams, but they are often focused on big ticket items like video switchers and control. With the breadth of brands and solutions through Legrand | AV, most of which are designed to support big ticket items, Retzlaff says they have much more flexibility to work with third party products because they aren’t competing with those manufacturers.

They’re also happy to look through existing designs for possible product swaps to include more solutions from the brands you trust or suggest better solutions to create the experience you want to achieve. With their insight into supply chain and stock status, they can help avoid costly delays by suggesting alternatives.

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“They want to put our product in when they can because they know our brands,” Retzlaff said. “They know they won’t have issues. Legrand | AV brands are among the most highly respected brands in the industry.”

You can catch some of their other design work on our diagrams page. While these diagrams aren’t a “one size fits all” answer, they provide the foundation for specific types of applications. Feel free to use them to start the conversation with your customers. If the diagram is missing a component or you want to gussy it up with an image of the actual room you are installing, Solutions Engineering can help with that as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are also available for training on basic or advanced levels. They can do this remotely or set up in-person, hands-on multi-branded training on the topics you choose. Industry credits are available upon request.

You might be wondering why we do this. In addition to making it easy to work with us on projects that require more support, we get insights into trends or needs that Legrand may not currently be meeting to help create custom solutions or long-term product direction. When our engineers and your engineers get to talking, good things happen. In other words, it helps us provide you with better products and services, now and in the future.

The best way to initiate a project with the Solutions Engineering Team is to reach out to your territory sales manager and ask them to make the connection. That way they can be fully briefed on the situation to make the most use of your time.  

The team is also happy to respond to emails at  


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