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I’m super proud to be a woman working in AV

“Being a Supply Chain Operations Leader, as a woman, is a challenging role in itself in our male-dominated industry. In PPDS I feel that women are embraced, empowered, and encouraged to participate in shaping the future of the business. I am proud that PPDS is #Open2womenintechnology #Open2you”

Andrea Herczeg-Bakker
Head of Operations EMEA, PPDS

“At PPDS our people from around the globe come together as one team two or three times a year and, for me, it is always a source of great pride that, while we are in a very male-dominated industry, women are well represented, bucking the trend for around a 5:1 ratio to around 3:1. From sales and operations, through to product management and communications, at PPDS women have a strong voice, inspiring the industry, and our children into the future. I’m super proud to be a woman working in AV.”

Vicky Fox
Head of Communications EMEA and NA


“I am thrilled to be part of a technology company and bring a different approach or perspective to all projects I am involved in. I hope to be an inspiration to other women, so they too can embrace the technology world and join us in breaking the underlying myth that this is a male industry.”

Clara Guerra ten Broek
Lead Europe Sales Support, TP Vision (PHILIPS, AOC, PPDS + E-commerce)


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