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Mersive Solstice Dynamic Digital Signage Transforms Any Display into a Customized, White-Labeled Experience

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Mersive Technologies provides enterprise-ready tools that create better meetings around the world and redefine what’s possible in wireless presentation and collaboration.

Mersive Technologies showcased enhanced Solstice 6 Collaboration Platform’s enhanced Dynamic Digital Signage at InfoComm 2023.

Solstice DDS is a solution for corporate branding on displays that transforms any Solstice-enabled display with network access into a personalized, bespoke experience via customizable web pages. Corporations and educational institutions can create web pages dynamically triggered by occupancy sensors, calendar events, or API calls. Touchscreen displays enable creative use of the display, including booking rooms, submitting IT tickets, playing videos, and displaying content.

Mersive Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise-ready collaboration tools, showcased enhanced Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS) capabilities, available in the latest Solstice 6 Collaboration Platform release, at InfoComm in Orlando.

Designed in response to the needs of a national Mersive client, Solstice DDS is ideal for anyone who wants rich corporate branding on their displays. It turns any Solstice-enabled display with network access into personalized, bespoke experiences via customizable web pages. Corporations and educational institutions can create their own web page, which can be shown when the display is not in use, then be triggered dynamically by an occupancy sensor, calendar event, or even API calls.

Touchscreen displays enable that customized experience to be even richer, allowing room occupants to use the display in creative ways. For example, to book an available room, submit an IT ticket, play a video, or display any content the facility desires—maps, event information, a welcome screen, or even advertisements— to anyone that enters the room.

“Solstice 6 DDS opens up huge possibilities for our customers to white-label and brand their displays to customize experiences for their audience,” says Alan Young, Mersive Chief Product and Information Security Officer. “Repurposing a display with interactive content isn’t just about reallocating resources, it’s about using sensory-aware technology to serve up the exact message you want to give, directly from within the Solstice 6 platform. Few, if any, digital signage providers have this capability.”

The enhanced Dynamic Digital Signage feature in the Mersive Solstice 6 release can be used to advertise space and resource availability as someone walks in, maximizing room scheduling efficiency for both corporations and educational facilities. This reduces setup and engagement time, both central to Solstice 6’s ease-of-use approach, transforming a solution into a cohesive collaboration experience.

Join Mersive for the InfoComm Fireside Chat: “Inspiring spaces: Work hard, play hard,” on June 15, 4:15-4:45 at the AVIXA Xchange LIVE booth #4461 (XL14 session code) to learn how one traditional space has been transformed into an inspiring teaching/work environment using dynamic digital signage and collaboration technology.


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