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Experience Aura Illuminated Shades from Hunter Douglas at CEDIA Expo 2023

Hunter Douglas is a leading North American custom window treatments and architectural product manufacturer.

Hunter Douglas introduces Aura Illuminated Shades at CEDIA Expo 2023, offering transformative, three-in-one shading solutions.

Aura Illuminated Shades combine smart functionality with a unique design, delivering daylight on demand with an LED feature mimicking natural incoming light, ensuring precise, comfortable illumination.

Hunter Douglas, a leading manufacturer and marketer of custom window treatments, announces the availability of Aura Illuminated Shades for the custom integration channel at CEDIA Expo 2023. Aura Illuminated Shades define a new category of shading products with a transformative, three-in-one design: A traditional-looking front shade, a reflective room-darkening liner, and ambient illumination via programmable LED work in tandem to deliver a customized experience that elevates mood and ambiance in the connected home.

Natural light and systems that emulate it positively impact well-being, sleep quality, and productivity, but designing spaces with natural lighting comes with challenges. UV rays can damage interiors and furnishings, while excessive incoming light can be blinding and cause harsh glares, impeding comfort. Smart shades have gained immense popularity for their ability to optimize sunlight and create a harmonious balance with homeowners’ circadian rhythms.

Aura Illuminated Shades enhance the benefits of smart shades by blending award-winning smart functionality with a first-of-its-kind design to deliver daylight on demand. The built-in LED feature serves as a secondary light source that mimics natural incoming light at the window. This feature allows homeowners to control natural and artificial light, providing precise, comfortable illumination at any time and extending light into early morning and evening hours.

“At CEDIA Expo 2022, our exclusive preview of Aura Illuminated Shades generated remarkable interest as integrators sought unique, personalized solutions for lighting design, wellness and routine,” said Scott Stephenson, Senior Director of Product, Global Motorization at Hunter Douglas. “With wellness and control remaining top-of-mind at this year’s event, we are excited to officially roll out Aura and help integrators push the boundaries of what designing with lighting and shading can achieve.”

The Transformative Design 

Aura Illuminated Shades incorporate a parabolic reflector and a reflective liner to evenly disperse the LED light from top to bottom, while a diffuser prevents hot spots. Users can control and customize color temperature from 2200K to 6500K and brightness from 0% to 100%. The result is reminiscent of daylight shining through a traditional shade: a soft, uniform glow beautifully diffused through textured fabrics. The tunable white lighting supports routines and comfort: Slowly waking to a gentle, sunrise-simulating radiance; energizing with midday luminance; creating a comforting radiance on a gloomy day; adding light to a windowless space; or setting the perfect ambiance for entertainment.

When the LED feature is powered off, Aura functions as a traditional shade and offers the same benefits homeowners expect from their smart shades: customized style, comfort, convenience, energy efficiency, wellness, privacy, and accessibility benefits. The room-darkening element of Aura’s design blocks out most light and is a perfect solution for media rooms, living rooms that double as entertainment spaces, and bedrooms. However, Aura can transform lighting anywhere needed in the home.

A Trusted Platform at the Foundation

Aura Illuminated Shades are complimented by the reliable, scalable, two-way communication capabilities of PowerView Gen 3 Automation. Well-suited for new builds and renovation projects, Aura is also eligible for automation with PowerView+, a premium low-voltage hardwired power solution featuring an ultra-quiet motor. After installation, homeowners can use the PowerView App to conveniently personalize scenes and schedule automations that create desired moods in their space at any time they choose. Homeowners will appreciate the seamless and prompt automation of Aura’s lighting and shading elements. Users can also transform the ambiance on command through the PowerView App, Pebble Remote, voice commands, or leading smart home systems.

Aura is available with some of the most popular Hunter Douglas shade styles – including Vignette® Stacking Roman Shades, Sonnette® Cellular Shades and Designer Roller Shades – which are customizable by a variety of fabric options to suit the aesthetic needs of any space.


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