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New Source for Z-Wave Smart Home Chips

Trident IoT joins Z-Wave Alliance

Trident IoT, a new company focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), has joined the Z-Wave Alliance. Trident IoT will provide Z-Wave chips and modules to alliance members, as well as product design and development services. The company is also now an official Z-Wave device certification laboratory.

Mitch Klein, Z-Wave Alliance Executive Director said, “Trident IoT further fosters the development of new features, enhancements, and custom applications on Z-Wave Technology by offering connected device manufacturers a new direct source for Z-Wave chips and modules, along with personalized product engineering support and U.S.-based Z-Wave certification.”

What it means to Smart Homes

The first part here is the resource for new smart home chips. Through COVID, chip shortages were an everyday excuse for the lack of equipment. With the addition of Trident IoT, the Z-Wave Alliance and its member companies have another source of chips.

Trident IoT is also bringing to the market a Z-Wave laboratory. In the smart home space, Z-Wave device certification can be a bottleneck for companies seeking certification. This new place for that to happen means that more products will come to market faster. The lab will be in New Jersey which makes it accessible to US manufacturers.

“By offering U.S.-based Z-Wave device certification, we can make it easier for North American manufacturers to communicate throughout the certification process, resolving issues that arise quickly and ultimately getting products to market faster,” Mariusz Malkowski, Chief Technology Officer, and Founder, Trident IoT said. “Our goal is to help Z-Wave device members continue to innovate, making it easier and more efficient for them to successfully implement new features, such as Z-Wave Long Range, which unlocks new use cases with incredible capabilities.”

Trident IoT commits to Z-Wave Alliance

Overall, Trident IoT’s joining is a good thing for the Z-Wave Alliance and the smart home industry as a whole. The company’s products and services will help to make Z-Wave an even more popular and powerful platform for smart home devices. Z-Wave continues to grow in adoption throughout the home technology market. Trident will help homeowners expand their devices.

The Z-Wave Alliance, a standards development organization for smart home technology, today announced the launch of Trident IoT, a new company that will provide Z-Wave silicon chips and modules, product design and development services, and Z-Wave device certification.

Trident IoT is led by a team of experienced engineers and executives with a deep understanding of Z-Wave technology. The company’s goal is to help Z-Wave device manufacturers bring new products to market more quickly and easily.

Trident IoT’s Z-Wave silicon chips and modules are designed to be easy to use and integrate into existing products. The company also offers a variety of design and development services to help manufacturers get their products to market faster.


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