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Nureva enables easy multi-camera switching in larger spaces with new camera zones feature

Nureva Inc. provides patented Microphone Mist technology for IT teams to improve audio quality in meeting and learning spaces, offering award-winning products at a low cost.

Nureva Inc. introduces camera zones feature for its HDL410 audio conferencing system, integrating sound location data with the INOGENI® CAM230 multi-camera selector.

Nureva Inc. has introduced a camera zones feature for its HDL410 audio conferencing system, integrating sound location data with the INOGENI® CAM230 multi-camera selector. This feature allows quick setup and up to three zones to be defined, compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The feature complements existing camera capabilities and uses Nureva’s patented Microphone Mist™ technology.

Nureva Inc., an innovator in advanced audio conferencing solutions, announces a new camera zones feature for its HDL410 audio conferencing system that integrates its sound location data with the INOGENI® CAM230 multi-camera selector. Setup is quick, with only a few minutes needed to define up to three zones that are each mapped to a camera and its view of the room. During a meeting or class, sound location data is used to automatically activate the camera that is mapped to the zone where someone is speaking, making it easier for remote participants to follow the conversation. The feature is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other UC&C clients that don’t natively support multiple camera streams in a room. The CAM230 also works with any brand of USB or HDMI camera, including the Nureva® CV30. Camera zones are defined using a simple click-and-drag interface in Nureva Console, the cloud-based management platform included with every Nureva system. The HDL410 system’s unified coverage map automatically generates a two-dimensional view of the room and the microphone coverage area, making it easy to create and map the zones. This IT-friendly approach eliminates the need for additional software and specialized technical expertise that are often required with traditional multi-camera switching solutions. The camera zones feature also complements any capabilities already built into the cameras, including PTZ functionality and face or body tracking.

Automatic switching of two or three cameras in a larger space naturally creates a more engaging remote collaboration experience by giving remote participants a clear view of the active talker. For example, the camera view automatically switches between a presenter or instructor at the front of the room and others in the space, depending on who is speaking. This is essential to meaningful engagement with people joining remotely and avoids the burden of manually switching camera views. It also extends the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other UC&C platforms without the need for integration or customization. This new simple, scalable solution is made possible by Nureva’s patented Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones that are used to accurately locate sound sources and provide full-room microphone pickup. Advanced algorithms preemptively ignore unwanted sounds, automatically adjust gain based on the position of the talker and continuously autocalibrate the system in response to the changing acoustic properties of the space. Combined, these capabilities deliver clear, consistent audio to remote participants to accompany the video stream.

“We are excited to offer IT teams a new and easy way to implement automatic camera switching in their larger working and learning spaces,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “The advanced capabilities of Microphone Mist technology continue to open up new opportunities to easily enable inclusive and engaging remote collaboration at scale.”

Nureva’s camera zones feature for the HDL410 system will be available in December 2023, with the purchase of an INOGENI CAM230 multi-camera selector.

Additional information on the unified coverage map
Nureva’s patent-pending unified coverage map represents a groundbreaking approach to microphone pickup in larger spaces. It enables the physical mics from two microphone and speaker bars to be processed together instead of separately, creating a single giant microphone array covering the entire room. The HDL410 automatically determines the relative location of the two microphone and speaker bars and generates a coverage map when installed. Each virtual microphone is targeted with greater resolution and precision, resulting in pro AV performance without the complexity of setting up multiple lobes. This enables

  • Precise sound localization
  • Increased processing gain
  • No mixing or switching of artifacts
  • More accurate and consistent gain control
  • Accurate sound location data
  • Flexibility in the placement of each microphone and speaker bar



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