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The Passing of AV Legend, Loyd Ivey

Ivey Built Global Powerhouse

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Loyd Ivey Snow
Loyd Ivey Snow

PHOENIX, AZ – October 13, 2023 – It is with deep sadness and profound gratitude that the Ivey and MiTek family announce the passing of Loyd Ivey. Later this month we will come together to celebrate the extraordinary life and legacy of the beloved founder of MiTek Communications, the parent company of AtlasIED and MTX. Today, we mourn the passing of a visionary leader who impacted the landscape of the commercial audio industry.

Loyd’s remarkable journey began five decades ago, and his relentless pursuit of excellence elevated MiTek Corporation, and its companies, to the pinnacle of success. His dedication and innovation not only earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious NSCA Education Foundation Founders Award as well as the NSCA Per Haugen Lifetime Achievement Award (the only member to receive both awards), but also earned enduring respect and admiration.

Loyd’s impact reached far beyond awards and recognition. An entrepreneur through and through, Loyd built his businesses both organically and through strategic acquisition. Many of the acquired brands were consolidated into and added to the success of the well-known commercial and consumer audio brands -AtlasIED and MTX, the two largest entities that fall under the MiTek umbrella.

In addition to his entrepreneurial passion, Loyd’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of growth within and outside the companies transformed the lives and careers of countless employees and industry individuals. His mentorship inspired innovation and creativity, yielding confident pioneers in this ever-evolving industry.

A Family Legacy

Loyd Ivey Plane
Loyd Ivey Plane

Johnathan Ivey, President of MiTek Corporation and Loyd’s son, said of his father, “Innovation was at the heart of Loyd’s legacy. He pushed boundaries, leading MiTek, AtlasIED, and MTX to develop groundbreaking products and solutions that set industry standards. Although Loyd was from humble beginnings, his passion for pushing the envelope and delivering unparalleled quality has been the cornerstone of our businesses’ and family success.”

When asked to contribute to Loyd’s legacy statement, some of the industries’ well-respected veterans provided insight into Loyd’s impact on their professional lives:

Pat and I first met Loyd in the late nineties, not long after we purchased SynAudCon from Don and Carolyn Davis.  Those first few years were as tough as they are with any new business. I personally was a little discouraged.  Loyd sat down with me at a trade show and helped me see how important SynAudCon is to the audio industry. For a man of his reputation and pedigree to share his wisdom with me meant a lot. I knew the value in his words and I took them seriously.

Throughout the years we stayed friends.  We were always eager to catch up with him at the trade shows.  He was quite the visionary with great business chops. As his illness progressed and he suffered from physical limitations, he continued to carry out his visions by partnering with other companies.  He obviously had an amazing ability to put his mind over his physical symptoms.

I would describe Loyd as a “determined fighter” who had a way of bringing the best out of everyone around him. He was quite the inspiration to Pat and I and would venture to say he inspired most everyone around him. – Brenda Brown, SynAudCon

AV Industry Reflects on Loyd Ivey Connections

My relationship with Loyd started 15-20 years ago and our connection was immediate, as there was a personal tie between Mary’s family situation and Loyd’s health symptoms. We felt drawn to his energy and passion, and his professionalism. Initially, the relationship took root when Loyd sold me a live events company in Milwaukee (which we still own today.) Loyd was fair, he took the time to help me create a transition plan that ensured the forthcoming success of that acquisition. Since then, our professional relationship deepened as we became friendly with John and Beth after John stepped into a leadership role in the company. So much of our professional growth have been milestones we talked about together; and even more importantly, we shared our experiences to help each other grow. Those types of relationships are rare, and my only regret is not having met Loyd and the Ivey family sooner in my career. He will be missed. – John Laughlin, CTI

I remember it like it was yesterday that during my first week at NSCA I had a four-hour encounter (on a train no less) with Loyd regarding the state of our industry.  That helped me to understand what was in store for me going forward.

Loyd was a tough guy to get to know but once you did, he was far kinder and more caring than what people realize.  His generosity helped pave the way for just about every new program we launched at NSCA.

Loyd had a real knack for proving me wrong.  I think we challenged each other in that way.  I’d tell him not to do something and of course he did and in most every situation he was right. That motivated him in ways that I’m not sure just financial reward would have. – Chuck Wilson, NSCA

In Memorium

Loyd’s passion remains embedded in our company’s DNA. As we mourn his loss, we also find strength in his enduring legacy, as his son, Johnathan Ivey, leads the company forward, ensuring that the spark of innovation and dedication Loyd ignited continues to light our path.

Details about Loyd Ivey’s celebration of life:

Loyd Lee Ivey

Friday, October 27, 2023

10:00 a.m. (Arizona Time)

Whitney and Murphy Funeral Home

4800 East Indian School Road

Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Click here to join virtually

Meeting ID: 861 7774 5082

Passcode: 716270

In lieu of flowers/gifts, please consider a donation to:

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation


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