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DSE to Feature Speakers who are Revolutionizing Retail and Immersive In-Store Signage Experiences

The retail landscape is evolving rapidly, and with it, the demand for streamlined solutions to bridge the gap between physical, digital, and human experiences. Current digital signage solutions for retailers are often fragmented, prompting retailers to invest significantly in making their first-party data more attractive to advertisers, focusing on data monetization.

DSE recognizes the pivotal role of retail in the digital signage landscape. With a dedicated track and sessions, the conference aims to address the unique challenges and opportunities in retail, offering insights and strategies for data monetization, data-driven approaches, immersive experiences, and the digitization of the retail journey. These sessions provide attendees with the knowledge to shape the future of this vital industry.

Retail-Specific Sessions at DSE 2023:

  1. The In-Store Paid Media Challenge: An outside-in view from the retailer/advertiser perspective and what to do about it
  2. Leveraging Data-Driven Strategies for Successful Digital Signage in Retail
  3. Mastering Immersive Retail: Bridging Physical, Digital, and Human Experiences – Insights from Industry Veterans
  4. Digitizing the Journey – From Planning to Measurement

The road to monetizing in-store screens presents a complex challenge. In a dedicated session, we will provide an insightful “outside-in” view of the challenges that retailers face when embarking on their data monetization journey for in-store signage. We will also explore considerations for brands looking to engage with these solutions through paid advertising, putting the customer’s perspective at the forefront.

In the ‘Leveraging Data-Driven Strategies’ session, there is a fascinating real-life case study on digital signage for a grocery retailer, emphasizing the importance of data-driven approaches for building a successful business. A solid business case was constructed by incorporating insights from eye-tracking glasses, sales modeling, exit interviews, A/B testing, and strategy workshops. Attendees will learn how to identify optimal locations and placements and determine the contribution margin required to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) for a digital signage rollout.

The term “immersive retail experience” has been circulating for years, but what does it truly mean for physical retail in a digital-first world? In another session, join two industry trailblazers who have redefined immersive experiences by harnessing the power of the human-physical-digital connection to drive engagement and revenue.

Angela Gearhart, former VP of Connected Retail Experience, who transformed the Sleep Number shopping experience over two decades, will share exclusive insights into the retailer’s journey in developing and scaling experiential technology. Angela, currently an Executive Consultant at AAG, leverages her extensive retail experience to lead digital-first strategies for retailers and guide go-to-market and brand strategies for B2B consumer-centric tech firms.

Paul Chapius, the founder and CEO of OnQ, will provide his forward-thinking approach to retail, which has empowered numerous companies to enhance the presentation and sale of complex products in stores worldwide. OnQ is a leading retail display manufacturer known for designing and building retail merchandising solutions for the world’s top brands and retailers.

The session will delve into the pervasive role of digital signage in the modern consumer journey, spanning diverse environments such as shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, airports, and urban landscapes. Attendees will gain insights into the integration of location intelligence, which shapes content strategies, offers guidance on optimal placement, and provides a comprehensive understanding of the consumer journey.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, explore innovative solutions, and revolutionize the future of retail.


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