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SoundTube Now Shipping Versatile and Powerful MCA2004t Amp

SoundTube Entertainment, a leading commercial audio company since 1996, has innovated and improved audio quality, aesthetics, and installation ease. As the first commercial speaker company to receive UL approval, they offer customizable solutions.

SoundTube Entertainment® introduces the MCA2004t Class D amplifier, an affordable, high-performance solution for continuous use in commercial and professional audio settings.

The MCA2004t Class D amplifier combines power, versatility, protection features, and remote monitoring capabilities, making it a reliable and adaptable choice for a wide range of commercial audio applications.

SoundTube Entertainment®, the creator of the open ceiling/pendant speaker category, is excited to announce the global availability of the MCA2004t Class D amplifier. The affordable, high-performance amplifier is designed for continuous use in commercial and professional audio settings from performance venues to retail spaces and educational institutions.

The MCA2004t Class D amplifier boasts a robust 200W at 8 ohms direct or 70/100V constant voltage output per each of its four channels demonstrating ample muscle and flexibility to drive a variety of commercial audio applications​. The robust 1200 watt power supply allows the amp to output full power to all four channels simultaneously with peak power at 1000 watts per channel.

The amplifier is equipped with Euro block-style connectors that cater to both balanced and unbalanced audio signals ensuring versatile connectivity options. The amplifier’s input routing feature uses a matrix mixer that allows all connected speakers to be driven by a single or multiple sources.

With selectable 70 Hz high pass filtering, the amp avoids over driven bass frequencies that could cause distortions. The amplifier has a subwoofer mode selectable on Channel 1 and Channel 2 which applies a120 Hz low pass filter and allows user to select 120 Hz high pass to the other channels. When subwoofer mode is selected for a particular channel, the output impedance is automatically changed to 4 ohms.

The feature rich MCA2004t amp includes auto signal sensing or a standby trigger along with an auxiliary port that can be used to remotely monitor the health of the amp. It has forced air cooling with a variable speed thermostatically controlled fan. The amp has overload, short circuit, DC offset and thermal protection circuits with Power/Standby, limiting and protection LED indicators. The amp is designed to provide long-term reliability of operation and includes the right mix of technology to insure many years of trouble-free operation. The amp is 19” x 15.75” x 3.5” at 17.14 lbs. and uses a compact two rack space chassis.

“In respond to the request of our dealers for a straightforward and dependable SoundTube amplification solution for distributed audio systems, we introduced the MCA2004t,” said Ken Hecht, Vice President of MSE Audio. “This amplifier seamlessly melds with any distributed audio framework offering the requisite features, power, reliability, and value for long-term commercial uses. With the enhanced flexibility of the matrix mixer and the subwoofer mode, the MCA2004t is adeptly tailored for a multitude of settings including restaurants, retail spaces, outdoor venues, or any installation necessitating comprehensive audio range.”



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