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Discover the Spectacular Vegas Sphere: A Must-See While in Las Vegas for DSE 2023!

In an exciting alignment of tech and entertainment, DSE 2023 coincides with the recent opening of The Sphere at Vegas.

This monumental structure is not just a massive, round digital screen; it’s a transformative experience. The Sphere’s grand opening on September 29, 2023, marked a new era in entertainment technology. It’s poised to redefine how we perceive entertainment, offering a level of immersion and grandeur unparalleled in the industry. So, what exactly is The Sphere? It’s an architectural marvel that combines cutting-edge technology with jaw-dropping design. The external sphere, spanning an impressive 540 feet in diameter, houses the largest digital screen in the world. But what truly sets The Sphere apart is its second internal sphere, a breathtaking space that seats 17,000 visitors, all with a perfect view of the colossal screen. While 10,000 of those 17,000 seats feature haptic technology that ensures the audiences feels the experience as much as they see and hear it. It’s an impressive feat of engineering that promises to deliver unparalleled sensory experiences.

The sheer size of the technology behind The Sphere, is breathtaking. There’s 260 million video pixels and 167,000 speakers, that together create the multisensory spectacle. The screen itself boasts 168,000 square feet of Puck-sized LEDs, making it the largest of its kind globally.

To heighten the excitement, The Sphere opened its doors with a U2 Residency called “Achtung Baby U2 UV” and another fully immersive experience titled “Postcards from Earth.” These two inaugural events will showcase the capabilities of this technological marvel, demonstrating its potential to transform live entertainment.

Visitors lucky enough to attend the U2 concert at The Sphere have described the experience as nothing short of transcendental. Many concertgoers mentioned that the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and U2’s legendary music created an otherworldly atmosphere, blurring the lines between the real and the digital. The result was a show that surpassed the boundaries of a traditional concert, leaving attendees in awe and sparking conversations about the limitless possibilities of immersive entertainment experiences.

Make your journey to DSE 2023 complete by witnessing the Sphere’s captivating shows and creating lasting memories. It’s a Vegas experience like no other!

An inside look at the brand new Las Vegas Sphere with NBC!



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