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msm-studios Opens Immersive Audio Studio in Berlin

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msm-studios, founded by Stefan Bock in the 1990s, offers innovative media design, post-production, film editing, color grading, music production, and sound design in 4k UHD and 9.1.4 immersive formats.

msm-studios has opened a 3D audio studio in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, establishing a prominent hub for immersive sound and open to all music creators.

Berlin’s msm-studios Berlin offers artists and labels a 3D audio experience in a specially designed studio. The space features cutting-edge technology for remote mixing, mastering, and immersive listening. It also features a 4K UHD/HDR projection.

msm-studios has opened a new 3D audio studio in Berlin, establishing a prominent hub for immersive sound in Germany’s capital. Located in the Kreuzberg district, this state-of-the-art studio is open to all music creators.

The new studio offers Berlin artists and labels the opportunity to experience 3D audio in a studio specifically designed for a true immersive experience. “We want to pick up artists and labels in the capital with msm-studios Berlin because we know it’s the best way to get them excited about immersive audio and they don’t have to leave the city,” says msm-studios founder Stefan Bock (Herbert Grönemeyer, Yello, Nils Wülker).

msm-studios Berlin acoustic design was handled by Jochen Veith of JV. ACOUSTICS to provide the space with cutting-edge technology and sound for guest mixers, remote mixing, mastering, AV post-production, and immersive listening in any current format.

Together with his partners David Merkl, Hans-Martin Buff, and the msm-studios team, they have been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of music beyond stereo for many years, exploring concepts like surround, immersive, spatial, and 3D sound. Their portfolio includes collaborations with prestigious names such as the Berliner Philharmoniker, Yello, and Peter Gabriel. Additionally, the studio’s 4K UHD/HDR projection with a soundproof screen enables them not only to mix concert films but also to create presentations for artists and labels.

Since its establishment in 1991, msm-studios has been synonymous with top-quality music production. Originally a mastering studio, it quickly gained international recognition for its expertise in multi-channel sound, ranging from DVDs to specially developed Pure Audio Blu-rays and the latest immersive audio format, Dolby Atmos. Now msm-studios expertise and world-class experience are available in Berlin.



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