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Gaudio Lab Introduces Cutting-Edge Audio AI Tech at CES: ‘Experience It Yourself’

Gaudio Lab, an AI audio technology start-up, developed spatial audio technology for headphones in 2015, adopting ISO/IEC MPEG-H Audio standards. Its solutions are used in various platforms, including VR/AR.

Gaudio Lab, an AI audio technology company, will showcase its award-winning ‘Just Voice’ solution at CES 2024, showcasing advanced AI source separation technology.

Gaudio Lab will showcase its award-winning ‘Just Voice’ solution at CES 2024, featuring AI source separation technology for crystal-clear voice and real-time noise reduction, addressing audio issues.

Gaudio Lab, a leading AI audio technology company, is set to participate in CES 2024 early next year, presenting superior products utilizing world-class AI source separation technology. The highlight of this exhibition will be the debut of the award-winning AI-based real-time noise reduction and voice enhancing solution, ‘Just Voice’.

Gaudio Lab’s AI source separation technology, GSEP (Gaudio source SEParation), continues to set global benchmarks in various aspects such as separation quality, audio fidelity, and computational efficiency. This technology employs AI to separate and extract individual sounds of instruments like voice, guitar, and drums in music. GSEP is recognized for its applications in noise cancellation, specific source extraction, high-quality accompaniment removal, lyrics synchronization and more, garnering attention as a revolutionary technology and driving innovation in the content industry.

At CES 2024, Just Voice will make its debut. Utilizing AI source separation technology, Just Voice removes noise and disturbances in real-time, delivering a crystal-clear and crisp voice in an integrated sound solution. It significantly enhances user experience by addressing common audio-related inconveniences encountered every day, such as noises in various streaming services and video conferences. Moreover, with low complexity and ultra-low latency AI processing, it can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of devices and platforms. The application is set to be released for general users around the time of this CES.

Gaudio Lab’s booth will be located within the Integrated Korea Pavilion, Eureka Park. Visitors can explore the sounds from various AI audio products, freely trying out AI source separation with Gaudio Studio, versatile karaoke on any device with G Sing, and unique sound effect creation with FALL-E.

“In the spirit of opening up our secret laboratory to the public, we’ve prepared a diverse array of experiences, allowing attendees to immerse themselves directly into the world’s leading AI audio technology,” shared Henney Oh, CEO of Gaudio Lab. He added, “Gaudio Lab remains committed to enhancing the overall content experience and delivering the ultimate audio experience to users.”

Gaudio Lab accepts the CES Innovation Award for the second consecutive year in recognition of its outstanding audio technology and expertise in AI, now with awards for AI-based real-time noise reduction solution (Just Voice), loudness normalization technology (Loudness Management 1, LM1), and spatial audio technology (Gaudio Spatial Audio, GSA).



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