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Barco Brings Efficient Video Walls to Mainstream Customers

Energy Efficient Video Walls

Projection leader Barco extends its pedigree delivering flawless visual experiences into more affordable large-format LED offerings. The new G50 model packs their quality into a compact, efficient video wall with advanced image processing and expansive lens choices. For churches, schools, and businesses seeking immersive video without overstretching budgets, it brings simplicity and flexibility, absent lower-end competitors.

Product Manager Brian Tennyson explains how the G50 fills a gap between underpowered bottom-tier video walls and premium-priced products excessive for modest use cases. It outputs 6000 ANSI lumens natively for smaller spaces wanting vibrant projection without complicating setups needing extreme brightness. What truly sets it apart is its diverse lens options ranging from short throw to long throw.

Short-Throw Magic

Engineers can situate the lightweight projector unit from nearly touching the screen to five times the screen width away. This flexibility accommodates venues with space constraints yet requires large projected canvases. Tennyson notes competitors typically demand lens add-ons just to achieve wide positioning ranges. But Barco builds this capability innately into the G50 for efficiency and simplicity.

Its processing engine also punches above weight class despite value market positioning. Performers and presenters can wirelessly stream media from devices using built-in WiFi and screen mirroring. The same technology underlying complex concert tours and events also empowers affordable video formats like Van Gogh immersive exhibits. Customizable interface buttons simplify switching between sources and display modes for volunteers running services.

Efficient Video Walls Save Money

For broader enterprise implementations, Barco’s PDS video processor extends powerful capabilities. IT staff can craft custom video layouts across numerous screens with configurable presets optimized per use like Sunday worship or graduation. Operators then easily select streams and templates as audiences dictate without reprogramming every time. Tennyson says color-coded buttons and labels simplify choosing presets after initial configuration.

At its core, Barco realizes that premium processing and sleek designs should not limit smaller organizations from needing equally flawless and engaging videos. As high-resolution LED and projection permeate downstream from Hollywood and Fortune 500s, expectations similarly rise even with constrained budgets. The G50 and PDS balance quality against cost to democratize immersive video for multipurpose venues and focused applications.

Learn more about Barco’s lineup spanning high lumens projection, seamless LED walls, and video processing at Regional partners also offer product demonstrations and design consulting tailoring solutions to unique space constraints, use cases, and technical capabilities. Video innovation progresses all organizations. Barco propels customers forward without unnecessary compromise.


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